Complications of Medical Malpractice: A Look into Incorrect Prescription Cases in Louisiana

Medical malpractice not only inflicts physical pain but also leaves deep psychological scars on victims. Incorrect prescriptions can lead to a cascade of emotional problems, ranging from anxiety to depression. Often, people become distrustful of healthcare systems, losing faith in what should be a source of healing and care. Such...

Emotional Distress in Personal Injury Cases: Scope and Limitations in Louisiana

A Louisiana woman, Jaclyn Bjorklund, has taken legal action against Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly. She has alleged the pharmaceutical companies behind Ozempic and Mounjaro, did not adequately alert users about the potential for serious gastrointestinal issues related to the medications. The legal filing contends due to Bjorklund's use of...

Louisiana’s Premises Liability Law: Insight into Injuries from Falling Objects

Although the chance of being hit by a falling object is rare, even celebrities have close calls. During a performance by The Weeknd in Mexico City during his ongoing tour, an unforeseen event occurred—a falling object descended from above. In a brief video the artist posted on social platforms, The...

Parking Lot Accidents: Understanding Liability and Compensation

Car Accidents

Aug 25,2023

Approximately 50,000 crashes occur in parking lots each year - resulting in nearly 60,000 injuries and over 500 deaths.  Why are parking lots so dangerous? Research from the National Safety Council reveals that distractions, predominantly mobile phones, play a significant role in parking lot accidents. Drivers seem to take the...

The Intersection of Personal Injury and Environmental Law: Exploring Toxic Torts in Louisiana

In a significant development, the U.S. Department of Justice has initiated a major federal lawsuit against two leading petrochemical companies responsible for a Louisiana facility. Known as "Cancer Alley," this site has been linked with the highest cancer risk rates in the U.S. due to air pollution. The lawsuit targets...

Evaluating the Impact of Passenger Distractions in Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Aug 06,2023

Louisiana holds the unfortunate distinction of being fourth in the country for the highest rate of fatal accidents due to distracted driving. Recent research has shown that, within Louisiana's total of 887 deadly accidents, 173 were attributed to drivers who were distracted. This places Louisiana in the top four states...

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