Evaluating the Impact of Passenger Distractions in Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Aug 06,2023

Louisiana holds the unfortunate distinction of being fourth in the country for the highest rate of fatal accidents due to distracted driving. Recent research has shown that, within Louisiana's total of 887 deadly accidents, 173 were attributed to drivers who were distracted. This places Louisiana in the top four states...

How the Louisiana Civil Code Affects Your Personal Injury Claim

Understanding how Louisiana's distinct Civil Code influences critical aspects of personal injury cases such as comparative fault, time limits, burden of proof, and compensation can help injured residents maximize their potential recovery. Table Comparing Key Points Factor Description Implications Comparative Fault Contributing partial fault reduces but doesn't eliminate compensation Must...

Product Liability Law in Louisiana: How It Protects Consumers

This article explores product liability law in Louisiana, explaining how it protects consumers by holding manufacturers accountable for defective products that cause harm. Table Comparing Key Points About Product Liability Law Protects Consumers By: Differs From Regular Injury Claims By: Purpose Holding sellers/makers accountable for flawed products Not requiring proof...

Driving Distractions: The Impact of Texting on Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Jul 05,2023

Texting while driving has become an increasingly common issue, reaching far and wide across our modern society. As cellphones have grown integral to our daily routines, the temptation to stay connected, even behind the wheel, has escalated. It's not uncommon to see drivers glancing down at their phones at traffic...

How to Identify and Prevent Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse in Louisiana


Jun 25,2023

Learning to recognize warning signs, understanding resident rights laws, and promptly reporting suspected cases are crucial steps families can take to prevent and expose neglect and abuse of loved ones in Louisiana nursing homes. Table Comparison of Nursing Home Mistreatment Types Type Definition Examples Neglect Failure to provide adequate care...

What to Expect from the Discovery Process in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

For a few weeks in 2023, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow dominated the headlines in her role as defendant in a personal injury lawsuit, filed against her by a man who claimed he was injured when Paltrow crashed into him on a ski slope in Utah. The media covered every development...

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