Truck Accidents

  • Will the Employer be Liable After a Commercial Truck Accident?

    Back on a Sunday morning in January, a car hit a guardrail on I-10’s Basin Bridge, in Iberville Parish. As the sheriff’s department and state troopers responded and tried to clean up the accident, a FedEx truck smashed through the scene, causing a demolition chain reaction. The FedEx truck blasted through the traffic cones and

  • Will Insurance Cover an Entire Truck Accident Settlement – Understanding Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements

    Truck accidents are notorious for causing debilitating and life-threatening injuries. Between inpatient care and medical treatment, accident victims can find themselves sinking further into debt while waiting for their insurance claim to settle. Hurt individuals and families depend on truck accident settlements for reimbursement. If a claim payout cannot cover expenses, injured persons can suffer

  • Is it Legal to Have Passengers in Your Truck Bed in Louisiana? 

    Louisiana laws allow truck bed passengers over 12 outside highways, yet those nostalgic rides risk catastrophic harm—including paralysis and death—from road ejections, rear-end collisions, and rollovers enabling victims to still file injury claims. Table Comparing Key Points Type Dangers Potential Injuries Ejection Slick surface, swerving, braking Head and spine trauma Rear Collision Crushing, forward throw

  • Do You Have to See a Doctor After a Commercial Truck Accident?

    The short answer is yes—you really should go to the doctor after a commercial truck accident. Although it is not a requirement to seek medical attention after a commercial truck accident, we recommend seeking treatment as soon as possible. Unlike many automobile accidents, commercial truck accidents are more likely to cause severe injury or death.


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