Car Accidents

  • Parking Lot Accidents: Understanding Liability and Compensation

    Parking Lot Accidents

    Approximately 50,000 crashes occur in parking lots each year – resulting in nearly 60,000 injuries and over 500 deaths.  Why are parking lots so dangerous? Research from the National Safety Council reveals that distractions, predominantly mobile phones, play a significant role in parking lot accidents. Drivers seem to take the slower speeds in parking lots

  • Evaluating the Impact of Passenger Distractions in Car Accidents

    Distractions in Car Accidents

    Louisiana holds the unfortunate distinction of being fourth in the country for the highest rate of fatal accidents due to distracted driving. Recent research has shown that, within Louisiana’s total of 887 deadly accidents, 173 were attributed to drivers who were distracted. This places Louisiana in the top four states nationwide for lethal incidents connected

  • Driving Distractions: The Impact of Texting on Car Accidents

    Texting while driving has become an increasingly common issue, reaching far and wide across our modern society. As cellphones have grown integral to our daily routines, the temptation to stay connected, even behind the wheel, has escalated. It’s not uncommon to see drivers glancing down at their phones at traffic lights, or even while cruising

  • What Safety Features Should Motorists Look Out For When Buying A Vehicle?

    Car Safety Features

    Airbags Airbags have been standard in all new passenger vehicles since the 1998/1999 model year. Front airbags reduce driver fatalities in frontal crashes by 29%, and side airbags protecting the head can reduce the driver’s risk of death in driver-side collisions by 37%. When shopping for a car, be sure to check for both front

  • Are There Limits to Insurance Coverage After A Car Accident?

    Car Accident Coverage

    In 2021, Louisiana saw 914 car crashes on public highways, with a total of 997 fatalities. Having the right automobile coverage can help protect drivers’ vehicles and personal finances in the aftermath of a car accident. Maintaining state-required minimums of liability coverage or even more can also help ensure everyone in the accident receives the

  • How Long After an Accident Can You Sue in New Orleans?

    New Orleans Car Accident Law

    In Louisiana, a vehicle accident case must be filed within a year of the accident’s date of occurrence. If hurt in a car accident, the injured party might be entitled to financial compensation for their losses. The claim must be filed with the proper court before the statute of limitations runs out. If not filed within the time

  • When to Get a Lawyer in a Car Accident in New Orleans

    Car Accident Lawyer

    2021 was the deadliest year in more than a decade for New Orleans drivers, with 69 people dying in car crashes, the highest amount of fatalities since 2004. According to the New Orleans Health Department and the Department of Public Works, that is a 35 percent increase from 2020. In addition to that, 338 people

  • What Do You Do After A Car Accident In New Orleans?

    New Orleans Car Accident

    Learning what to do after a car accident before one actually occurs can help keep a bad day from getting worse.  Get to Safety Right after an accident, the first concern is whether there is any danger of additional injury. Vehicles stopped in the roadway may be in danger of being hit again by other


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