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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

How safe are bicycle lanes in New Orleans?

One of the recent transportation trends here in New Orleans is an increase in bicycling infrastructure. One type of bicycle-related infrastructure that has seen significant growth in the city over the past several years is the bicycle lane.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, all the bike lanes in New Orleans added together only came out to around five miles. Since that time, a great number of bike lanes have been added in the city. Currently, there are around 100 miles worth of bike lanes in city.

Commercial vehicles in Louisiana did poorly in big brake inspection operation

One would hope that all commercial vehicle drivers and companies that use commercial vehicles would be taking appropriate steps to ensure the brakes on the commercial vehicles they are using function properly. Brake problems are one of the things that can lead to serious commercial vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, the recently released results of a big brake check operation seem to indicate that it is relatively common for commercial vehicles out on the roads to have fairly substantial brake problems.

The operation occurred on May 6, 2015 and was part of a brake safety campaign of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. As part of this operation, inspectors conducted "unannounced" brake inspections of commercial vehicles throughout various parts of the U.S. and Canada. Altogether, 6,337 commercial vehicles received brake inspections during the operation. The inspections occurred in 32 different states, provinces and territories. Louisiana was among the U.S. states where inspections were conducted.

Is your child safe in her car seat?

Any of us who are parents carry precious cargo just about every time we drive. For that reason, many parents exercise caution behind the wheel as well as safe driving habits. However, even if you are a careful driver, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be hit by another driver on the road.

The best way to protect your child while traveling by vehicle is to make sure that he or she is riding in a properly-installed car seat that is right for his or her age and size. You can find out more about what type of child seat you should be using as well as installation tips on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website.

July is a particularly deadly month

There are many good things the month we are currently in tends to be associated with: sunny weather, summer fun, exciting outdoor activities, etc. Unfortunately, not everything about this summer month is positive. One very negative aspect of July involves fatalities.

Here in the United States, unintentional injury fatalities are particularly prevalent in July. In fact, a recent National Safety Council press release indicates that July has the highest total of such deaths of any month. According to the report, the July total of such deaths exceeds the national monthly average by 11 percent. 

Can humor help make drivers safer?

One thing you'll commonly see out on the roads are overhead digital signs. These signs generally have messages about things like crashes, construction and weather. In some states though, you may see something a little different on such signs: humorous and playful messages about traffic safety.

Take Utah for example. It has recently decided to use humor on its digital road signs to try to promote traffic safety. It plans to have around 80 digital signs in the state display humorous safety messages like:

  • "Steering wheel: Not a hands free device."
  • "That seatbelt looks good on you." 
  • "Turn signals: The original text message."

Safety tips to keep in mind over the Fourth of July

Believe it or not, but the Fourth of July holiday is almost here. That means BBQs, picnics and fireworks with family and friends. There is no better time of year to celebrate our freedom. However, while we all know that Independence Day can be a lot of fun, it can turn very dangerous if safety is compromised.

In order to stay safe over the Fourth, keep these safety tips from the American Red Cross in mind…

'See-through' trucks: a safety boon or a safety hazard?

When considering a new auto safety technology, how effective the technology would be at addressing the safety issue it is aimed at is not the only important thing to look at. Another important thing to think about is whether the technology could have any unintended negative safety consequences. Sometimes, a technology aimed at addressing one auto safety problem accidentally ends up triggering a different problem. 

Some concerns about unintended safety consequences have been raised about a new safety technology Samsung has been working on. The technology is aimed at making it easier for drivers to safely pass a large truck.

Truck crashes sometimes come about through brake problems

The aftermath of a truck accident can be a very confusing time for the accident's victims. There are many things a victim of such a traffic collision may be unclear on after their accident, such as: what treatment they need, what the long-term implications of what happened to them are likely to be, what legal options they have, what actions they should be taking and what exactly was behind their accident. 

Our Louisiana law firm represents truck accident victims and we strive to provide our clients with clarity during this often confusing time. We can help answer questions truck accident victims have about things they are unclear on and provide them with compassionate legal guidance. We can also spearhead investigations for such individuals into what was responsible for their accident. 

Louisiana ranked No. 4 for fatal speeding-related crashes

We live in a society that puts a high premium on getting things done quickly. Thus, a person can rather constantly feel under pressure to speed things up during the various different tasks they perform in a day. Among the times a person can feel such pressure is when they are behind the wheel of their car. However, it is very important for drivers to not allow a desire to get to their destination as quickly as possible to cause them to take actions which would compromise their own safety and the safety of others who are out on the roads. 

Among the temptations it important for drivers to resist in this regard is the temptation to go over the speed limit. Speeding may sometimes seem attractive as a way to speed up a trip, but its potential negative consequences far exceed any benefit it could possibly yield time-wise. Speeding is not only against the law (and thus something that could expose a person to a fine) but also something that has the potential to lead to catastrophic traffic accidents that leave people hurt or worse

Tips for avoiding hydroplaning

It can be an extremely precarious moment when a motor vehicle goes out of control out on the roads. An out-of-control vehicle can rather easily result in a multi-vehicle accident. Multi-vehicle collisions can lead to numerous people getting hurt and, in some severe instances, numerous deaths.

Thus, taking all reasonable steps to remain in control of one's vehicle is remarkably important for drivers. This includes adjusting one's driving appropriately when one encounters conditions that could increase the risk of a vehicle going out of control.