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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Is being at-ease behind the wheel actually a bad thing?

A recent set of experiments regarding road signs and other warning signs has yielded some interesting results. 

The experiments, there were four in all, involved comparing people's reactions to highly dynamic warning signs and warning signs that are not very dynamic. What does it mean for a warning sign to be dynamic? The more motion a sign conveys, the more dynamic the sign is. For example, a sign with a running person on it would be more dynamic than a sign with a walking or standing person on it.

What can motorists do to prevent motorcycle accidents?

The safety of motorcyclists out on Louisiana's roads is in part dependent on how the drivers of other motor vehicles act. Thus, one hopes that all of the state's drivers do their part to help make the state's roads as safe as possible for motorcyclists. We will now go over some of the steps it can be very important for motorists to take when it comes to motorcycle accident prevention.

One is to be very watchful for motorcyclists, particularly at times when motorcycle traffic can be heavier than usual, like weekends. When engaging in such watchfulness, it is important for drivers to keep in mind that motorcycles can sometimes be a little harder to spot than other vehicles.

Is truck parking shortage leading to more drowsy driving?

When a trucker drives while drowsy, their driving abilities may not be as sharp as usual and they may be more likely to get into a collision. Thus, drowsy driving by truck drivers can cause significant problems out on the roads.

There are many things that truck drivers can do to try to prevent falling into drowsy driving. One is to take a break from driving if they are starting to feel sleepy. Unfortunately, truck drivers do not always do this.

Louisiana rates well in highway safety law report

Many things can impact how safe a given state's roads are. One is what kind of traffic safety laws the state has. Thus, how Louisiana did on a recent report regarding highway safety laws is rather heartening.

The report was from Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety. This organization has identified 15 different highway safety laws it believes can play a major role in reducing injuries and deaths out on the roads. In the report, the organization looked at where each state's laws currently stood when it comes to these 15 safety measures, and gave each state a rating based on what sort of highway safety laws it had. This is the 12th year the organization has issued this report.

Study: NFL home games may mean more car accidents

With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, many people's minds are on the NFL. So today, we will talk about an auto accident study involving NFL games. Based on what the study found, drivers in the New Orleans area may want to be extra careful the next time they take to the roads on a day when the Saints have a home game, particularly if things don't go well for the Saints in the game.

In the study, researchers reviewed data on traffic accident insurance claims made in relation to vehicles garaged in the ZIP codes where there are NFL stadiums and compared the accident claim levels for days when the home team was playing at the stadium with the levels for days when they weren't.

Low-speed motorcycle accidents can cause great harm

Most people know that high-speed motor vehicle accidents can have incredibly devastating outcomes. However, when it comes to low-speed accidents, a person's first reaction might be to dismiss them as minor things that don't really result in that much harm. However, just because an accident occurred at a low speed does not mean it can't result in individuals suffering significant injuries.

Low-speed accidents can be particularly impactful on motorcyclists. For example, such accidents can cause a motorcyclist to suffer major soft tissue damage in their shoulders, ankles or knees.

What time of day are large truck accident deaths most common?

Tragedy can strike rather quickly when an 18-wheeler is involved in a traffic accident. Collisions involving these large vehicles sometimes yield fatalities.

Fatal accidents involving 18-wheelers or other large trucks can happen at any time of the day. However, there is a certain time of the day in which large truck crash fatalities are particularly common. At least that's what statistics on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's website indicate.  

What safety impacts could windshield heads-up displays have?

We may soon be seeing a rather significant change in a pretty basic part of the car: the windshield. It appears that it might not be very long before it is a relatively common thing for car windshields to contain heads-up displays.

Such displays involve projecting information onto a car's windshield so that the driver could see it while looking forward towards the road. There are all sorts of different kinds of information such displays could potentially convey to drivers, such as: driving directions, speed information, safety alerts, Facebook alerts and text messages. 

Eyes. Hands. Mind. The reality of distracted driving.

Most individuals immediately think of cell phone use when they hear the phrase "distracted driving." Cell phones, however, only account for a small piece of what distracted driving actually means. Activities such as eating, personal grooming, talking to passengers or reading can be just as dangerous. is the official U.S. government website for distracted driving. One of the most important notes on that site is the fact that even a momentary lapse in attention can lead to devastating, life-altering accidents. The potential for serious accidents dramatically increases along with the length of time a driver allows his or her focus to be pulled from the task at hand - safely driving a vehicle.

Large-truck-related accident deaths continue to edge upward

In 2009, deaths coming from accidents that involved large trucks hit a low here in the United States. Since then, however, such fatalities have been climbing back up. According to a recent federal report, this trend continued in 2013.

2013 was the fourth year in a row that the U.S. has seen an increase in traffic deaths from traffic accidents involving large trucks. The increase in 2013 was a fairly small one. Specifically, the annual fatality total was 20 deaths higher in 2013 than it was in 2012 (3,964 as opposed to 3,944). This amounts to a 0.5 percent increase. While this may not seem like much of an increase, any increase is a cause for worry when it comes to losses of life.