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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Hit-and-runs and New Orleans bicyclists

Being struck by a car can be utterly devastating for a bicyclist. There are many significant difficulties bicyclists can face in relation to such accidents and the injuries that come from them. Certain things can add to the challenges bicyclists experience in relation to such crashes. One such thing is the driver that hit the cyclist fleeing the scene.

It is against the law in Louisiana for drivers to leave the scene of a crash in which a bicyclist was hurt. Unfortunately, bicyclists here in New Orleans are still sometimes subjected to injury-causing hit-and-run accidents.

New Orleans is 5th in the nation for bicycle commuting rate

There are many different ways individuals can commute around a city. One way is via bicycle. This type of commuting is becoming quite popular here in New Orleans. In fact, it appears that the city has one of the largest levels of bicycle commuting in the country.

Recently, U.S. census data came out regarding bicycle commuting. The data indicates that the bicycle commuting rate in New Orleans is the nation's fifth highest. Why do you think bicycle riding is so prevalent here in New Orleans? 

What is the deadliest time of day for motorcyclists?

In a past post, we talked about how truck accident fatalities tend to peak at a certain time of the day. In today's post, we'll talk about what time of day motorcyclist deaths peak here in the United States. 

Unfortunately, roads here in the U.S. see quite a few motorcyclist fatalities. It is estimated that, in 2013, 4,381 motorcyclist traffic deaths occurred in the country.

Does subconscious racial bias influence driver habits?

Pedestrians can suffer greatly when drivers are careless or reckless around them. When drivers fail to obey crosswalk rules, fail to properly yield for pedestrians or fail to exercise appropriate care when a pedestrian is around, it can result in a collision that causes significant injuries for a pedestrian.

Thus, it is vital for drivers to be respectful of the rights of all pedestrians. Unfortunately, a recent study suggests that drivers may not be as likely to be safe around some pedestrians as others. Specifically, it raises the troubling possibility that a pedestrian's race may play a role in how respectful a driver is of their rights. 

Are teens getting the message on distracted driving?

The hope with increasing awareness of the dangers of distracted driving among teens is that it will get teen drivers to change their driving habits for the better. Thus, an important question to ask is: does being aware of distracted driving's dangers actually lead to teen drivers staying away from distracted driving?

A recent survey indicates that, for quite a few teens, the answer may currently, rather discouragingly, be no.  

Many different parties could cause truck accidents

Sometimes, a truck accident comes about through the actions of a truck driver or the driver of one of the other vehicles involved. However, the conduct of a wide range of parties beyond just drivers can also impact how likely a truck accident is to occur. We will now go over some of these other parties.  

One are truck companies. What policies and procedures such companies have and how such companies act can impact how safe their trucks are and how safely their drivers act out on the roads.

Truck company operating costs on the rise

Many things can impact truck company behavior. Given that truck companies are generally profit-driven businesses, one of these things are operating costs. A report from the American Transportation Research Institute indicates that, recently, operating costs for truck companies have trended up here in the U.S. 

The report estimated what the average marginal cost-per-mile was for truck operators in 2014. It estimated this average was $1.703 per mile. It based this estimate off of the results of a survey of truck companies. This estimate represents an increase over the estimated average truck company operating cost from 2013, which was $1.676 per mile. 

Can close phone friends keep drivers from distracted driving?

Some may see using their phone to text or do other things while driving as a minor thing. However, this "minor" thing could have consequences that are anything but minor. A driver's decision to text or use the phone while driving could easily result in serious injuries to innocent people. Attorneys can help individuals harmed by texting drivers or other distracted drivers sort through their legal options and understand what legal rights they have as a distracted driving accident victim.

There are many things that can significantly impact how likely a driver is to use their phone for things like texting when they are driving. A recent survey indicates that one such thing is what the people a driver contacts most on their phone say to the driver about distracted driving.

Accidents caused by uninsured drivers raise unique legal issues

Every motor vehicle accident is different. Such crashes vary in all sorts of ways including their severity, how they came about, how many people they involved, what sorts of vehicles were involved and what sorts of individuals were involved. Thus, the individual details in motor vehicle collisions are numerous.

These details can significantly impact what sorts of legal options an accident victim has and what legal issues come up in relation to the accident. One thing that can have a big effect on a crash victim's legal situation is if the other driver involved in the accident has no auto insurance. There is a special type of insurance claim that the victim of an accident involving an uninsured driver can generally make called an uninsured motorist claim.

GM will avoid criminal charges over deadly vehicle defect

The automaker General Motors was at the center of a major scandal last year when it was discovered that a faulty ignition switch on thousands of its small cars led to at least 124 deaths and 275 injuries. GM has since admitted knowing about the problem and failing to disclose it to the public.

In order to avoid facing criminal charges, GM officials agreed to pay $900 million as part of a deal reached with federal regulators, it was announced earlier this month. GM was also fined a record $35 million by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last year.