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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Truck company operating costs on the rise

Many things can impact truck company behavior. Given that truck companies are generally profit-driven businesses, one of these things are operating costs. A report from the American Transportation Research Institute indicates that, recently, operating costs for truck companies have trended up here in the U.S. 

The report estimated what the average marginal cost-per-mile was for truck operators in 2014. It estimated this average was $1.703 per mile. It based this estimate off of the results of a survey of truck companies. This estimate represents an increase over the estimated average truck company operating cost from 2013, which was $1.676 per mile. 

Can close phone friends keep drivers from distracted driving?

Some may see using their phone to text or do other things while driving as a minor thing. However, this "minor" thing could have consequences that are anything but minor. A driver's decision to text or use the phone while driving could easily result in serious injuries to innocent people. Attorneys can help individuals harmed by texting drivers or other distracted drivers sort through their legal options and understand what legal rights they have as a distracted driving accident victim.

There are many things that can significantly impact how likely a driver is to use their phone for things like texting when they are driving. A recent survey indicates that one such thing is what the people a driver contacts most on their phone say to the driver about distracted driving.

Accidents caused by uninsured drivers raise unique legal issues

Every motor vehicle accident is different. Such crashes vary in all sorts of ways including their severity, how they came about, how many people they involved, what sorts of vehicles were involved and what sorts of individuals were involved. Thus, the individual details in motor vehicle collisions are numerous.

These details can significantly impact what sorts of legal options an accident victim has and what legal issues come up in relation to the accident. One thing that can have a big effect on a crash victim's legal situation is if the other driver involved in the accident has no auto insurance. There is a special type of insurance claim that the victim of an accident involving an uninsured driver can generally make called an uninsured motorist claim.

GM will avoid criminal charges over deadly vehicle defect

The automaker General Motors was at the center of a major scandal last year when it was discovered that a faulty ignition switch on thousands of its small cars led to at least 124 deaths and 275 injuries. GM has since admitted knowing about the problem and failing to disclose it to the public.

In order to avoid facing criminal charges, GM officials agreed to pay $900 million as part of a deal reached with federal regulators, it was announced earlier this month. GM was also fined a record $35 million by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last year.

Young drivers and fatigued driving

Driving while tired is not a trivial matter. Drowsy driving can have catastrophic repercussions. It has been estimated that fatigued driving is behind at least 100,000 motor vehicle accidents annually. 

Drowsy driving can occur among any age of driver. One age group, however, that fatigued driving appears to be a particularly big problem among are young drivers. It has been estimated that young drivers are responsible for a majority of drowsy driving collisions. Specifically, it has been estimated that, of all accidents involving fatigued driving, 55 percent are caused by drivers who are under the age of 25. 

Louisiana seeing a drop in impaired driving fatalities

How motorists act when they are driving can have massive implications. Misbehavior behind the wheel can end up costing lives. One type of driving misconduct that is responsible for many deaths in Louisiana and the U.S. is drunk driving and other impaired driving.

Some recently released statistics indicate that Louisiana has seen an encouraging trend when it comes to impaired-driving-related auto fatalities in recent years. The statistics come from a report by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. According to the report, in recent times, fatalities from impaired driving accidents have been falling in the state. Specifically, the report indicates that, between 2007 and 2013, the annual number of such deaths in the state dropped by 37.6 percent.

Are work concerns leading middle-aged drivers to distracted driving?

Most people care a great deal about doing well at their job. Thus, a person can feel an awful lot of pressures in relation to their work. Might work-related pressures sometimes create a temptation for drivers to engage in unsafe driving conduct? A recent study raises the possibility that work pressures could be one of the things leading middle-aged drivers to engaging in cell-phone-related distracted driving.

In the study, researchers conducted a survey in which hundreds of individuals between the ages of 30 and 64 were asked questions regarding cell phone use (hand-held and hands-free) while driving. 

Cellphones: distracting even when you aren't using them?

At this stage, most people know using a cellphone while driving has the potential to cause great harm, as it can distract one from driving. But, might your cellphone be able to be a driving distraction to you even when you aren't directly using it? A recent study seems to point to it being a possibility.

The study looked at how distracting hearing or noticing text/call notifications from your phone, such as an alarm bell, vibration or ringtone, can be when performing a task.

When a large truck crash happens in a work zone

Truck accident cases are not all the same. Rather, what a particular truck crash case will be like is heavily influenced by the specific details of the accident. Many different things can be impactful in such cases, including where the accident occurred.

Certain types of areas can raise their own special issues in cases involving motor vehicle accidents that occurred in them. One such area are road work areas.

How safe are bicycle lanes in New Orleans?

One of the recent transportation trends here in New Orleans is an increase in bicycling infrastructure. One type of bicycle-related infrastructure that has seen significant growth in the city over the past several years is the bicycle lane.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, all the bike lanes in New Orleans added together only came out to around five miles. Since that time, a great number of bike lanes have been added in the city. Currently, there are around 100 miles worth of bike lanes in city.