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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Making safe decisions important over Mardi Gras weekend

Mardi Gras weekend is just about upon us. One hopes it will be a safe one for party-goers and all people in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana.

Unfortunately, the state has seen quite a few harmful traffic accidents over this weekend in the past couple of years. The injury or fatal car accident total for the state for the five days going up to Mardi Gras was close to 600 accidents both of these years (599 crashes in 2015 and 601 crashes in 2014). These crashes resulted in 10 fatalities in 2015 and 13 fatalities in 2014.

Are parents being clear when setting limits for teen drivers?

When learning any new task, a person can sometimes end up unclear on certain things about the task. When these things are safety-related, it can cause real problems. This is particularly the case when the new task a person is learning is driving, as confusion by a new driver over what constitutes safe driving could lead to a new driver engaging in conduct that creates major accident risks.

Many people learn to drive in their teenage years. Thus, how clear teens are on what is and isn't safe driving can have some major ramifications when it comes to how safe the roads are. Given this, it is very important for parents of teen drivers to help keep things clear for teens when it comes to how they should be acting when driving.

Proposal would change rules for declaring a truck company unfit

When it comes to government responses to unsafe trucking company conduct, quickness can be essential. The longer it takes for a proper response action to be taken by the government, the longer the dangerous conditions may continue to be present, which obviously could be problematic traffic-safety-wise.

Currently, there are some such government response actions that generally cannot be taken terribly quickly. One of these is the federal government action of declaring a trucking company unfit to operate due to safety violations. One reason for this is that currently, in order for this type of action to be taken, the government must perform a formal audit of the company, which can be quite time-consuming.

What are the hours of service rules and why do they matter?

Truck safety is an important issue when it comes to improving overall highway safety. Regulation of the trucking industry is aimed at addressing safety issues that are unique to commercial vehicle drivers. Among these issues is driver fatigue caused by long hours on the road with inadequate rest.

At the federal level, truck driver fatigue is addressed in the so-called hours of service rules. These rules apply to both property-carrying drivers and passenger-carrying drivers, but the rules are slightly different for each category. Here, we’ll look at the former for the sake of simplicity. 

The impacts of crash location in interstate truck accident cases

On any type of road, the actions of a truck driver can have significant implications. They can have particularly big ones though out on the freeway. If unsafe truck driver actions are mixed with the high speeds of freeways and the big size of trucks, it can be a recipe for particularity devastating traffic accidents. 

Thus, one bad decision by a truck driver out on the freeway could end up causing very significant harm to innocent motorists. Given this, the importance of truck drivers being responsible on interstates can't be overstated. 

Commercial vehicles and size and weight violations

It is of incredible importance for commercial vehicle drivers and commercial vehicle companies to obey regulations on the size and weight of commercial vehicles. When a commercial truck or other commercial vehicle is too heavy or too big, it could significantly compromise the driver's ability to control it. This, in turn, can create a big risk for serious accidents.

Unfortunately, the results of a commercial vehicle safety operation last year indicate that size and weight regulation violations are a fairly prevalent type of commercial motor vehicle violation. The operation was called Operation Safe Driver Week and it was done in the U.S. and Canada. It occurred between Oct. 18 and Oct. 24. During the campaign, nearly 19,500 roadside vehicle inspections were performed and over 21,000 drivers of commercial or passenger vehicles were pulled over. 

Might the changing motorcyclist demographics have safety impacts?

One of the recent trends in the motorcycling world here in the U.S. is an increase in female riders. According to the results of a recent survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council, women now make up 14 percent of motorcycle owners in the country.

It appears that this trend could continue for awhile. Another of the survey's findings was that women made up a bigger chunk of the motorcycle owner total for younger generations than for older generations.  

NHTSA proposes new rear underride guard standard

One of the things that can influence the severity of a truck accident is what safety features the involved truck has. 

There are a variety of different federal safety rules regarding truck safety features. Some of these rules regard what safety features 18-wheelers are required to have. Others regard what standards certain truck safety features are required to meet. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed changing the standards federal rules require truck trailer rear underride guards to meet.

Police in Louisiana city giving out gift cards for safe driving

An auto collision can leave a person very shaken up, physically and emotionally. The support and guidance of an experienced car accident lawyer can be an important thing to have following such a crash. Such attorneys can give car accident victims clear explanations of what it is important to do following an accident. Such lawyers can also look into evidence of what caused the crash.

Many car crashes come about because someone engaged in unsafe driving. There are many traffic laws here in Louisiana aimed at getting drivers to be safe on the roads. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes disobey these rules.

New federal rule addresses coercion of truck drivers

Truck driver decisions have big implications. They can be the difference between a truck trip being uneventful and a truck trip resulting in a collision that exposes the driver and other individuals to great harm.

An important thing to remember about truck driver decisions is that they can be influenced by parties other than the truck driver. For example, things that motor carriers, brokers, receivers and shippers say and do can have effects on what truck drivers decide to do out on the roads and in relation to their trucks.