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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Negligent parking by truckers can cause accidents

For a person in any sort of work, acting safely and responsibly when performing their job is important. This is particularly the case for truck drivers. This is because, when truck drivers act negligently and unsafely in relation to their job, they not only can be endangering their own safety, but also the safety of other motorists out on the road. 

Motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks can deal out some pretty major injuries to victims of the accident. One thing a person who is a victim of such an accident may wonder is: What parties can be held liable for the accident? What the liability situation is in a given truck accident depends on many things, including whether there were any negligent truck driver actions that contributed to the crash. Our firm can help truck accident victims with investigations into whether there was any truck driver negligence and other matters that can have impacts on the issue of liability.

New Orleans seeing more bicycle accidents

Bicyclists are becoming an increasingly common sight in many places in New Orleans. This can be seen in some data collected by the University of New Orleans' Transportation Institute. The data came from tracking bicycle traffic in 12 different locations in the New Orleans area in the period going from 2010 to 2014. According to the data, these 12 locations, altogether, saw 52 percent more bicycle ridership in 2014 than they did in 2010.

Unfortunately, as bicycle travel has increased in the New Orleans area, so too have bicycle accidents. Preliminary data from the Highway Safety Research Group at Louisiana State University indicates that, in 2014, 308 such accidents occurred in Orleans Parish. This is a rather significant increase from 2010; only 129 accidents occurred that year. 

Medications can sometimes impair a driver

It is vital for Louisianans to not take to the roads when their driving abilities are impaired by a substance. There are many types of substances that can impair a person's driving. One class of substances that drivers sometimes forget can have such effects are medications.

Some prescription medications and over-the-counter medications can cause things like decreased alertness and increased drowsiness. These sorts of side effects could significantly compromise a person's ability to drive in a safe manner.

Speeding: major risks, little benefit

There are many types of driving behavior that have significant dangers associated with them. One such behavior is driving over the speed limit.

When a person speeds, they could be putting themselves and others on the roads at serious risk of getting hurt. This is because speeding, through things like reducing the amount of reaction time a driver has, can lead to traffic collisions. According to the AAA Exchange website, around a third of all fatal traffic accidents and around 13 percent of all traffic accidents involve speeding.

Motorcycle travel on university/college campuses

There are certain areas in which motorcycle traffic can be more common than usual. A recent trend at one university in the state raises the question of whether the areas around universities and colleges are becoming such places here in Louisiana.

The university in question is Louisiana State University. In recent times, traveling by motorcycle has become increasingly popular among the school's students.

Louisiana school bus drivers subject to extra safety rules

Many children here in Louisiana get to and from school via school bus. Given this extremely precious cargo, one would hope that all school bus drivers would make absolutely sure to drive safely when at the wheel of their bus. Innocent children who are our state’s future could be put at great risk of injury when school bus drivers act unsafely out on the roads.

This is one of the reasons why Louisiana law puts some extra safety rules on school bus drivers beyond those that apply to regular motorists. One of these extra rules regards cellphone use.

Fighting for justice in crashes involving speeding 18-wheelers

When a motorist suffers injuries in a traffic crash that involved their vehicle being hit by a large truck that was going over the speed limit, they may very well be able to receive compensation for such injuries. Sadly though, the battle for just compensation for injuries caused by a speeding 18-wheeler is often not an easy one. Trucking companies and insurers may try to fight off paying compensation in a variety of ways, including claiming that the truck involved in the accident was not speeding.

Is being at-ease behind the wheel actually a bad thing?

A recent set of experiments regarding road signs and other warning signs has yielded some interesting results. 

The experiments, there were four in all, involved comparing people's reactions to highly dynamic warning signs and warning signs that are not very dynamic. What does it mean for a warning sign to be dynamic? The more motion a sign conveys, the more dynamic the sign is. For example, a sign with a running person on it would be more dynamic than a sign with a walking or standing person on it.

What can motorists do to prevent motorcycle accidents?

The safety of motorcyclists out on Louisiana's roads is in part dependent on how the drivers of other motor vehicles act. Thus, one hopes that all of the state's drivers do their part to help make the state's roads as safe as possible for motorcyclists. We will now go over some of the steps it can be very important for motorists to take when it comes to motorcycle accident prevention.

One is to be very watchful for motorcyclists, particularly at times when motorcycle traffic can be heavier than usual, like weekends. When engaging in such watchfulness, it is important for drivers to keep in mind that motorcycles can sometimes be a little harder to spot than other vehicles.

Is truck parking shortage leading to more drowsy driving?

When a trucker drives while drowsy, their driving abilities may not be as sharp as usual and they may be more likely to get into a collision. Thus, drowsy driving by truck drivers can cause significant problems out on the roads.

There are many things that truck drivers can do to try to prevent falling into drowsy driving. One is to take a break from driving if they are starting to feel sleepy. Unfortunately, truck drivers do not always do this.