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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Drunk driving leads to thousands of deaths and injuries

The statistics are enough to shock most: Every 53 minutes, someone is killed in a drunk driving accident. Every 90 seconds, someone is injured in a drunk driving accident. In total, close to 10,000 people are killed every year due to drunk driving. 

These numbers all come from the national organization Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, or MADD, as the group is commonly called. Their main mission is to provide support to the victims of drunk driving, while also increasing the public awareness on just how serious an issue this really is. 

Running a red light can have serious consequences

Traffic lights aren’t just an annoying nuisance in urban areas like New Orleans. They are there to keep people safe. Unfortunately, not all drivers respect traffic lights and when a light turns red, they decide to speed through instead of stopping.

The drivers who do this might use the excuse that they were running late and didn’t have time to stop and wait for the light to turn green. However, there is nothing that excuses putting other drivers, passengers and pedestrians at risk by running a red light. 

Actor's recovery coming along slowly after fatal truck accident

Back in June, we posted about the tragic semi-truck accident involving actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, who is best known for his roles on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.

The accident occurred when a Walmart tractor trailer failed to stop in slowed traffic and careened into the back of a limo-bus carrying Morgan and several colleagues. Morgan and others were seriously injured in the accident and Morgan’s friend and mentor, veteran comedian James "Jimmy Mack" McNair, was killed in the wreck.

Months later, an attorney for Morgan recently said the 45-year-old is still struggling with the physical and emotional damage he suffered in the accident. The star was released from a rehabilitation facility in mid-July and is continuing therapy in his home.

Morgan suffered several broken bones and ribs in the accident, which occurred on June 7 as the comedians were returning home from a comedy show on the East Coast. 

Who is at fault in a car accident?

This is a question that can be very straightforward or extremely complex depending on the facts surrounding the accident. In some cases, you might not care who was at fault in the accident, but your insurance company does, which is why it’s important to know how to find out.

According to FindLaw, one of the most basic ways to determine who was at fault for a car accident is reading the police report, if available. Typically, police officers write down what they see at accident scenes, including evidence that could be valuable to your case, such as the length of skid marks on the road.

Now that school is here, motorists urged to exercise caution

The countdown to the start of school has officially begun for children across the nation, meaning the familiar sights of yellow buses and cars lining up to drop off and pick up kids will resume shortly.

Of course, with this increased vehicle traffic comes an increased risk of pedestrian accidents involving children. Accordingly, law enforcement officials across the state of Louisiana are now reminding parents of the need to be extra vigilant when traveling in school zones and obey all applicable traffic laws.

Vigilance in school zones is truly nothing more than using common sense, as law enforcement are urging motorists to simply be aware of their surroundings -- don't focus on the radio, coffee cup, etc. -- and keep a close eye out for children dashing into the street, perfectly oblivious to the traffic dangers.

NHTSA often stalls when responding to safety concerns

This winter, General Motors launched a massive recall of millions of vehicles in the United States after it was revealed that faulty ignition switches were putting drivers in serious danger.

Following the recall and subsequent investigations into many fatal car accidents involving the defective recalls, GM was fiercely criticized and reprimanded for not addressing the safety issue sooner. 

Fatigued driving far too commonplace


It is something that pretty much everyone has done at some point. They started a task when they were far too sleepy and their fatigue made it so they did not perform that task terribly well. Hopefully, for most of us, this has only occurred in relation to minor tasks where the mistakes made don't have terribly large consequences associated with them and thus that the whole matter turned out to only be a slightly inconvenient "live and learn" moment.

There are some tasks though where proper concentration is paramount to the safety of the person engaging in it and others, and thus should never be done while fatigued. Among the tasks at the top of this list is driving. Drowsy driving is a major traffic safety issue. It can lead to car accidents which cause significant injuries or even cost people their lives. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has estimated that fatigued driving is behind about one out of every eight highway fatalities.

Motorcycle accident leaves on dead and another injured

Most people probably don’t spend much time thinking about what the vehicles they drive each day are made of. The reality however is that these elements go a long way toward protecting the driver and passengers when crashes do occur. The steel frame may act as a cage.

Those who ride motorcycles are not provided those same protections. The very design of a motorcycle leaves riders vulnerable and susceptible to serious injury should the vehicle be involved in a collision. Without anything to keep riders on a motorcycle the force of a crash can cause them to be thrown great distances and possibly lead to death.

Which states have the highest rates of car accident fatalities?

You may have missed it, but earlier this week the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research, a Massachusetts-based think tank, released a report ranking U.S. cities according to their levels of happiness. After examining data gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and adjusting for various factors, the group determined that the top five happiest cities are located right here in Louisiana.

While this was certainly very exciting news for residents of the Bayou State, this excitement was perhaps dampened by another report from the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute, which revealed that the state didn't fare especially well when it comes to fatal motor vehicle accidents.

What is negligence in a personal injury case?

If you have suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligent actions, you may be entitled to damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Although you have probably heard the term “personal injury” thrown around a lot, you are might be wondering exactly what it means and entails.

First, let’s start off by explaining what “negligence” is. Negligence essentially means that a person was not acting like an "ordinary reasonable person" would have in the same situation and you were injured as a result.

Whether or not a person acted within the "ordinary reasonable person" standard is typically up to the judge or jury to decide.