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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Very few car fires happen after accidents

In the movies, it's apparently very easy for a car to blow up after being involved in an accident. In some genres, it's a surprise when this doesn't happen. However, in real life, very few car accidents cause the vehicles to catch on fire.

The National Fire Protection Association did a study in 2008 to see how common this was and if it was a legit safety concern for drivers all over America. What they found was that there were about 8,100 fires after accidents in a four-year span -- starting in 2002 and ending in 2005. This means there were over five post-accident fires each and every day.

What are some common car accident injuries?

Naturally, you can get an incredible number of injuries in a car accident, as every accident is a bit different from the next. However, there are still trends and injuries that show up more often than others. Below are a few examples of common injuries:

1. Simple fractures. This could include a broken arm or a broken leg. Though these hurt tremendously at the time, they can be some of the "best" injuries because they often heal fully and without a lasting impact.

What is a No Zone?

If you're driving around trucks, you may hear of something called a No Zone. What is this, and what does it mean for you?

Essentially, this is just another name for the truck's blind spot. It means there is no visibility there for the truck driver. For example, even if the truck driver uses his mirrors properly, he may not see a vehicle that is directly behind the truck or that is very close to the side of the truck. Mirrors help, but a short car can be below the level of the mirror, or a motorcycle can be so close to the side that it's inside of the mirror's range.

What are the most dangerous situations for motorcycles?

There are many potentially dangerous situations when riding a motorcycle, but experts say one of the most dangerous arises when vehicles make left turns. This can happen when a driver pulls out of a driveway, but it most often happens when drivers are turning into driveways or off of a main road and onto a side road.

The problem is that the driver may not see a motorcycle in the opposite lane, coming toward his or her car. The driver will wait for other cars and trucks to go by and then turn left, through that oncoming lane -- and into the motorcycle's path.

Prom king hurt in car accident

A young man had just been crowned prom king at Corsicana High School hours before he was involved in a car accident that put him in the hospital. His twin sister had also been at the prom, and she'd been crowned prom queen. The two do not appear to have been together at the time of the accident, though, as the young man was in a truck with one of his friends.

Pictures from the scene show the truck at the bottom of an embankment, 15 feet below the road. A short bridge over a shallow river can be seen, and the gray truck is sitting in the river, half submerged. The doors are open, the hood is up, and the front end appears damaged. The lights are still on under the water, providing an eerie glow.

Commercial accidents involve more than semi trucks

When you think of commercial vehicle accidents, you likely think of semi trucks striking cars on the highway, and this is indeed a common way that these accidents take place. There's a reason that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has so many rules and regulations that truck drivers have to follow. However, it's important to remember that commercial accidents could also involve all of the following vehicle types:

-- Specialty vans that are dropping off everything from flowers to gifts to parts and materials for construction projects.

Key motorcycle laws in Louisiana

Motorcycle laws are set at the state level, so it's important to know what the laws are if you're riding through Louisiana or visiting the state, as they may be different than what you're used to. Naturally, residents need to know them as well. Below are a few key laws to keep in mind.

1. Motorcycle license endorsements from other states can be used.

Jury says ignition switch didn't cause New Orleans crash

General Motors came under fire when it was found that some of their ignition switches were faulty and that these could cause car accidents. While they have been linked to other crashes, a jury just decided that the bad switch did not cause an accident in New Orleans.

The accident happened back in 2014. The crash happened on a bridge, which was icy, and two people were hurt in the accident. It wasn't said to be very bad—having been described as a fender-bender—but even minor accidents can cause injuries. They sued the auto maker as a result.

Children are terrifically distracting for drivers

Think that cellphones are a major cause of distraction for drivers? You're not wrong, but the reality is that children have actually been found to be 12 times as distracting as phones. In this sense, parents may actually be a high-risk group.

The thing that distracted parents the most, according to the study, was when they had to turn around and look at their kids, who were seated in the back. This happened in a full 76 percent of cases, and the parents' eyes were entirely off of the road each time.

Truck drivers must not use hand-held cellphones

Commercial truck drivers cannot text and drive while behind the wheel. However, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration took things one step further than that and said that drivers simply can't use hand-held phones at all.

That means never dialing on a cellphone. It means not even using push-to-talk devices. It means never reaching for a phone—on the floor or in a cup holder, for example—and never holding one. Cellsphones have proven to be too much of a distraction and drivers are instructed not to use them.