Family Dollar has had to recall over 400 products that were previously sold at their stores. Featuring over 8,000 locations in 47 states, the recall is seen as a significant blow to the corporation’s integrity and trustworthiness. On July 21stt, 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) noted concerns on personal care items of all types. Sunscreen, deodorant, medicine such as rash cream, and toothpaste were among those affected.

The voluntary recall on behalf of Family Dollar resulted from mismanagement of the storage environments. DayQuil, Tylenol, Banana Boat, and many other brands had their products exposed to temperatures that are outside the accepted guidelines approved by the FDA. The mistake and similar ones could lead to alterations in how the products react with the human body, potentially losing their efficacy or causing harm to the consumer.

Although recalled, a company that withdraws its products from the shelves rarely provides any sort of compensation to affected consumers. In fact, Family Dollar has so far only stated that the products can be returned without a receipt – offering nothing more to affected consumers such as vouchers, coupons, or compensation. For this very reason, many of those who had purchased or used products among the recalled 400 have been turning to attorneys for help, potentially recovering financial compensation.

Family Dollar Fumbles Again

Surprisingly still, this is not the first time Family Dollar and its parent company, Dollar Tree, have had run-ins with federal regulatory agencies. A rodent infestation and dead bird scandal in an Arkansas distribution center led to the closing of Family Dollar locations in six states, a harrowing reminder of the very reasoning for the FDA’s founding. The Arkansas rodent scandal also ended in a recall of potentially unsafe or spoiled products. With a number of pending scandals, it is thought that Dollar Tree may start to see a decline in sales and profits.

While many cases of improperly stored materials are often shrugged off by consumers, chemical and biological changes in products under certain conditions are known to occur, potentially jeopardizing the livelihood of someone who uses it. The development of mold, mildew, spoiling of the product, and much more is enough to send an unsuspecting consumer to the hospital.

Determining Victimhood in Relation to the Recall

Many patrons of Family Dollar have been left wondering if the recall affects them and their families. For that, there are a couple of questions to consider. Any number of criteria may qualify someone for direct legal assistance on the matter.

  • Do they shop at Family Dollar? The first step an individual would take is to recollect if they have been a patron of Family Dollar within the past couple of months. They must also be located in a state other than Hawai’i, Alaska, or Delaware.
  • Have they purchased products from Family Dollar within the recall time frame? The official provided timeframe by the company is May and June 10th. Yet, it must be remembered that this is when the products were shipped – not necessarily when they were bought.
  • Do the products they purchased match with the official list of affected products? Anyone suspecting that they may be impacted by the recall should check with the official list of items that were improperly stored and shipped. Among them include Colgate, Motrin, Alka Seltzer, DayQuil, and hundreds of other items.
  • Were the products used by any members of the family? Legally speaking, it may be helpful to know if any of the products were unknowingly used before the recall. If one was to be used, it may have an important impact on one’s claim or lawsuit.
  • Have there been any noticeable side effects from the used products? A list on a  potential doctor’s report of noticeable effects that the products have had on someone or their loved one may be another critical piece of information in judicial proceedings. Any specific side effects can additionally be sent to FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program.

Potential Side Effects of Storage Mismanagement

There is no telling just to what extent compromised products can have on someone, as each individual is biochemically unique. There are, however, a number of effects that are more often observed than others, according to professionals. Anyone experiencing changes in health following the use of mismanaged products should visit a medical professional immediately.

  • Redness and Irritation: A general angering of the skin is a common side effect of expired health products. As products separate and chemical compositions are altered, the “new” form of the product may not be safe for human contact.
  • Acne: Acne can be a byproduct of compromised or expired product usage. As there may be new bacterias present in the product, there is an increased risk that they produce pimples.
  • Infection: Similarly, infections have been known to occur with compromised products, also due to bacteria. This is especially true for those applied directly onto skin.
  • Illness: A common result of jeopardized storage environments is mold. Mold spores are known to have the potential to cause illness to those inadvertently consuming, inhaling, or otherwise applying them.

The Legal Response to FDA Violations

Generally, these types of issues are handled in a court of law with competent attorneys. It is the responsibility of these legal firms to hold companies accountable for their shortcomings so that they may protect the patrons. Even if little to no damage to one’s health has been noticed, there is still a possibility of future issues arising. Protecting future consumers is equally as important as, without consequences, similar risks to people’s lives could arise again in the future.

As put by Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs Judith McMeekin, “no one should be subjected to products stored in the kind of unacceptable conditions.” As McMeekin gave her accounts of the highly unsanitary conditions in some Dollar Tree establishments, it is a reminder to Americans across the country of the consumer rights they are granted by federal and state law. In conjunction with law firms, these are the actors that have been tasked with the protection of consumers on a day-to-day basis.


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