Truck Accident Injury Attorney

Truck accident injury attorney can help navigate all factors involved with a crash.Did you know that 33% of fatal truck accidents in Louisiana involve at least one driver-related factor?

While a truck accident injury attorney would be aware of driver-related factors, most laymen wouldn’t know. Driver-related factors are things that the driver of the truck is in control of while operating his commercial vehicle.

Driver Related Factors

These can include Non-Performance, like falling asleep behind the wheel or having a heart attack while driving. They can also be factors related to Recognition – meaning that the driver was not fully paying attention to the situation at hand, or was paying attention to something outside the vehicle instead of focusing on the road. This would also be the category where illegal texting or talking on a cell phone would come into play. Basically, any reason a driver fails to adequately observe the situation on the road in relation to the commercial vehicle he or she is operating is a fault of recognition.

Another “critical reason” category for crashes is that of Decision – a decision that the driver makes. Examples of fault in the decision category are when a commercial vehicle driver is driving too fast for the current conditions, misjudged the speed of other vehicles making a poor lane change, or following other vehicles too closely.

The final classification of “critical reason” for a commercial vehicle accident is Performance. It’s when a driver may have panicked, overcompensated, or exercised poor directional control in a situation that led to a crash.

Truck Accident Injury Attorney

As you can imagine, the distinctions between these categories can at times be very slight. Crashes could also have more than one critical reason at fault. Cargo and Commercial vehicle companies have expert legal counsel working on their side. That is why it is incredibly important to consult with a truck accident injury attorney that is very familiar with the latest policy changes regarding these classifications.

Crash victims may claim entitlements to more benefits based on the number of critical reasons at play. It’s relatively easy to see why one would want experience in their corner! We at Charbonnet Law Firm can provide that.