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Claims Against Drunk Drivers

If you or someone in your family was injured or killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver in Louisiana, contact a knowledgeable New Orleans drunk driver accident attorney at the Charbonnet Law Firm. Our familiarity with the resolution of motor vehicle accidents of all kinds, together with our experience with the pursuit of claims against drunk drivers, can help make sure that your case will be developed with care and presented at its maximum value under the law.

Suing For Punitive Damages In Louisiana Drunk Driving Cases

Recent changes in Louisiana law make drunk driving accidents the only motor vehicle liability claims for which punitive damages can be awarded. In other words, a jury can base its damages award not only on the actual physical and economic losses we can prove on your behalf, but also on society’s interest in punishing the drunk driver for his or her irresponsible conduct. Moreover, the drunk driver’s accident liability insurer is required by law to pay punitive as well as actual damages.

We can pursue a punitive damages claim against a drunk driver in a car or truck accident case whether or not the driver was convicted of DUI or any other alcohol-related criminal offense.

Keeping Up The Fight When Hope Seems Dim

Our attorneys also represent local and out-of-state clients in damages claims in hit-and-run accidents, negligence claims against uninsured or underinsured drivers, and other situations where the party to be held liable either can’t be found or lacks the insurance coverage necessary to meet the full extent of your claims.

Consult An Attorney With Experience Litigating Drunk Driving Cases

Whether your claim against a drunk or uninsured driver arose in a car accident, a pedestrian accident, or any other motor vehicle accident, our lawyers can advise and represent you. Contact the Charbonnet Law Firm in Metairie or New Orleans for a free consultation about your legal options.

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