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Wrongful death refers to a lawsuit that alleges that the victim was killed as a result of the negligent conduct or actions of another.

If the reckless, careless or negligent acts of another cause a person’s death, his or her actions are often subject to personal injury and/or wrongful death lawsuits. The loss of a family member due to an accident or injury causes great pain and turmoil as well as unimaginable loss within a family. The suddenness of the loss and confusion leaves the decedents family feeling powerless, and many questions unanswered.

While hiring one of our New Orleans wrongful death lawyers in the immediate aftermath of a tragic loss may seem relatively unimportant in the face of such a severe loss; hiring the right attorney is a critical decision that may dramatically effect the lives of the surviving spouse and family members.

The Importance Of Prompt Legal Action

Unfortunately, the person or company responsible for causing the wrongful death is frequently not held accountable due to the failure of surviving family members to institute prompt legal action. All too often, critical evidence is destroyed in the days and weeks following a fatal accident. Additionally, state laws governing wrongful death may eliminate the possibility of recovery or bar legal action when certain legal criteria or time limitations are not satisfied. Surviving family members are strongly urged to consult with a wrongful death lawyer immediately.

Our New Orleans and Metairie catastrophic accident lawyers at the Charbonnet Law Firm appreciate both the complex legal issues and the powerful emotional trauma involved in a wrongful death claim. We will vigilantly represent the rights of the victim, while assisting the surviving family members in a responsible, yet understanding manner. We assist the members of the family of a wrongful death victim with information regarding the practical and legal aspects of personal injury law and wrongful death claims.

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