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Parked Truck Accidents: A Truck Doesn’t Have To Be Moving To Cause An Accident

When you think of a serious truck accident, images of a big rig speeding down the highway come to mind. Most people do not realize the danger posed by an improperly parked truck. Whether on a highway shoulder or pulled over on a city street, these commercial-sized vehicles can cause serious accidents. If a parked truck extends into lanes of traffic, other drivers can unexpectedly rear end or otherwise collide with the vehicle.
At the Charbonnet Law Firm, LLC, you can consult with one of our New Orleans parked truck accident attorneys. Even though you may have been the driver whose car hit the stationary vehicle, there are still ways to hold the truck company accountable and obtain compensation for you.

No Excuses For Improperly Parked Trucks

There are many instances when semi drivers might pull over on the side of highway. If drivers are fatigued and cannot make it to a rest stop, they may park on the shoulder of the interstate in order to sleep. Other times if there are mechanical problems with the truck, drivers may park on the side of a highway while they wait for assistance.

In addition to improperly parked trucks on the interstate, drivers of delivery vehicles such as FedEx or UPS trucksmight also park illegally in residential neighborhoods.

Even if there were legitimate reasons for the driver to park the truck, they still must be held liable for accidents they cause.

Don’t Be Bullied By Insurance Companies

Do not let the insurance companies fool you into believing that you are at fault for hitting a parked truck. These cases are not black and white. There are many ways to clear you of fault and properly assign blame to an improperly parked truck. With a dedicated focus on trucking laws, our road side hazard attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of proving liability.

As your attorneys, we collect a wide range of legal support to build a solid claim for your parked truck accident, including:

  • Roadside hazard laws prohibiting trucks from parking on highway shoulders for purposes of sleep
  • The ineffectiveness of orange hazard cones around a parked truck on a highway shoulder
  • Improper or double parking on city streets
  • Parked trucks causing blind spots to other drivers
  • Parked trucks causing visual distractions to other drivers

Each case is different and has its own set of unique circumstances. Contact our firm for an initial consultation, and we can provide you with an honest assessment of your claim.

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