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Interstate Trucking Accident

If you are like most highway drivers, you do not like to travel alongside a semi truck for longer than you have to. Driving next to a truck can make you feel trapped, as if there is no room to make a quick and safe exit. These concerns are not without merit. Truck drivers do not have full visibility of the road and cars around them. If a truck driver makes a sudden lane change, or fails to stop in enough time, serious accidents can occur. When they do, Charbonnet Law Firm, LLC, is here to help.

Our Lawyers Have In-Depth Knowledge Of Interstate Trucking Laws

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has strict regulations that govern truck drivers on federal roads and highways. In the case of an interstate accident, our attorneys use these laws to prove the defendant’s negligence and obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Backed by 100-plus years of combined legal experience, our legal team not only has an in-depth understanding of interstate truck laws, but also of the geography and conditions of all Louisiana highways.

Some Of Our Lawyers Have Previously Defended Trucking Companies

We use this experience for your benefit. Our freeway truck accident attorneys know what arguments the opposition will use against you; we will be prepared with stronger counter-arguments. Our main priority is to look out for your best interests and to ensure that you are treated fairly. The trucking companies and their insurers soon realize we are two steps ahead of them, and will not accept a less-than-fair settlement for your injuries.

Representing Accidents From All Louisiana Interstates

Our attorneys provide skilled representation to clients who have been injured in truck accidents on all Louisiana interstates, including:

  • I-10 truck accident
  • I-49 truck accident
  • I-20 truck accident
  • I-12 truck accident
  • I-55 truck accident
  • I-59 truck accident

Speak With An Attorney As Soon As You Can

Time is of the essence when you have been injured in a truck accident. Contact our firm today at 504-888-2227 and ask to speak with a New Orleans/Metairie interstate truck accident attorney. You may also reach us by filling out our online inquiry form.

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