Accident and Injury

Desensitization To Construction Can Lead To Injury

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, everyone in southeast Louisiana knows that construction and infrastructure restoration is a way of life, and probably will remain so for years to come. Although we’re encouraged by the signs of recovery all around us, it’s easy to forget that construction is an inherently dangerous business and accidents can and will happen. If you or someone in your family was injured in a construction vehicle accident, contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to learn about your rights and most promising legal alternatives. Call the Charbonnet Law Firm in New Orleans or Metairie for a free consultation.

Navigating The Complexities Of Contractor Liability

Accidents involving construction vehicles can present many challenges for the personal injury lawyer. Many subcontractors are small, poorly organized, and underinsured. Some major subcontractors or materials haulers come from out of state, and will have the right to remove any substantial claims against them to federal court. In some cases, the issues of negligence and causation will be so complex that we’ll need to sue several defendants to make sure that any combination of them can be held accountable for your injuries and damages.

Many Construction Vehicles Can Cause Accidents

Our New Orleans and Metairie injury lawyers represent personal injury and wrongful death clients in construction accident cases involving such vehicles as the following:

  • Dump trucks and excavators
  • Gravel or fill dirt haulers
  • Cement trucks
  • Mobile cranes and other heavy equipment vehicles
  • Bucket trucks
  • Oversize flatbeds hauling FEMA trailers and prefab homes
  • Highway construction and repair vehicles
  • Vehicles used by roofing, landscaping, carpentry, paving, electrical and other contractors at residential or commercial development projects

Contact A New Orleans Construction Accident Attorney

To learn more about our ability to protect your interests in a construction vehicle accident case, contact an experienced Louisiana personal injury lawyer at the Charbonnet Law Firm.
Our objective in any motor vehicle accident case is to maximize your chance of a full recovery on your claims. We accomplish this goal through careful investigation of the facts and complete documentation of the damages side of the case. We also make sure that we identify every potential defendant who can be held liable to you. Our thorough preparation not only gives your case the best chance for success at trial, it also promotes the possibility of a favorable settlement.

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