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Commercial Vehicle Accidents: A Hybrid Between Car And Truck Accidents

Certain motor vehicle accident claims fall into a gray area between car accidents and truck accidents. Professional drivers covered by commercial liability insurance get into their share of highway accidents; when smaller commercial vehicles are involved, the injuries and property damage will resemble a car accident, but the litigation strategy and tactics will often resemble a truck accident case because of the high insurance coverage limits involved.

For dependable advice and committed client service from one of our New Orleans commercial vehicle accident attorneys, contact the Charbonnet Law Firm for a free consultation. With offices in New Orleans and Metairie, we work closely with our clients and their families to make sure that you’re receiving the medical treatment you need while we’re developing the evidence that will establish the defendant’s liability.

Handling All Types Of Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

Our lawyers represent clients from New Orleans and Metairie, and from elsewhere in Louisiana, and those fromout of state who were injured on Louisiana highways in such accidents as the following:

  • Delivery van accidents
  • Lunch wagon or taqueria collisions
  • Crashes involving taxicabs, courtesy vans, hotel or airport shuttles, limousines, or other tourist vehicles
  • Bus accidents, including city buses, charter buses, school buses, intercity buses, or church buses
  • Retail service vehicle accidents involving liquor trucks, pizza delivery vehicles, or home repair vans
  • Landscaping trucks
  • Construction vehicles

In a commercial vehicle accident, the facts establishing trucking company liability will usually be similar to those discovered in the investigation of a car accident case. In serious injury or fatal accident cases, however, thorough documentation and supporting testimony for your damages claim is likely to be more important, due to the higher insurance coverage limits characteristic of commercial liability policies.

Start Forging A Path To Recovery Today

The trial lawyers of the Charbonnet Law Firm have the experience necessary to make the most of your commercial vehicle accident claim. Whether the defendant is a small local trucking company, a regional utility, or a national pizza franchise, our experience with motor vehicle accident claims of all kinds allows us develop and present the facts essential to a successful resolution of your claims. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney at the Charbonnet Law firm for a free consultation about your legal alternatives.

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