Accident and Injury

Handling A Range Of Accidents And Injuries

At the Charbonnet Law Firm, we represent clients who have been hurt in all sorts of accidents. No matter what your injuries are, we make sure that the insurance company pays you the full amount you are entitled to.

New Orleans And Metairie Accident Attorneys

Personal injury claims can be made for a wide variety of reasons, but they all center on the injured party suffering some kind of loss due to the negligence or recklessness of others. What may originally look like a minor injury may turn out to be more serious than it seemed. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible after such an event is important, in order to ensure that your potential claim does not fall victim to a statute of limitations cutoff.

Our attorneys at Charbonnet Law Firm not only help you discover the extent of your damages, but can also make sure that your claim is addressed in a timely manner. Insurers may try to convince you that a lawsuit is unnecessary. If they do make an offer, it is likely to be an underestimate of your actual damages. Insurers are expected to keep costs down for the benefit of their policyholders, but you are entitled to full compensation. Often, insurance policies are filled with complicated language that can be confusing to an untrained reader. The lawyers at the Charbonnet Law Firm will help you decode insurance company jargon and collect everything you deserve, whether  by pursuing negotiation or litigation.

Car Accidents: Common But Potentially Catastrophic

A motor vehicle accident can disrupt your life on many levels. The injuries you sustain may need time to heal, which means time taken away from work and family. This creates not only financial hardship but also emotional strain for you and your loved ones. You also need to consider the stress of dealing with the insurance company regarding coverage for your car, your medical bills, and the other drivers involved. By retaining an attorney quickly, you can keep your focus on getting back on your feet and back to your life, while your attorney handles the paperwork and deals directly with the insurance company on your behalf.

The Insurance Company Is Not On Your Side

If you think your insurance company will do this job for you, you should reconsider. Every insurer is under pressure to pay out as little as possible in any case, as a means of keeping premiums down. They hire entire teams of adjustors, auditors, lawyers, investigators and actuaries specifically for this task. If another insurance company becomes involved, either on behalf of another injured party or the party at fault, it will have another team doing the same thing. You can be quickly overwhelmed by paperwork that aims at extracting information that will be used to justify paying you as little as possible under the insurance policies concerned. By having your attorney stand between you and the insurers, you can make sure that you get everything you are owed under every policy that should cover your damages. Your attorney will also be able to make sure that your claims are handled promptly, so that you and your family will be able to meet your medical needs and other financial obligations on time.

Not All Motor Vehicle Accidents Are The Same

The details of the crash and the nature and severity of any injuries suffered will differ from accident to accident. Our lawyers at the Charbonnet Law Firm have handled all sorts of motor vehicle accidents, from car crashes to 18-wheeler blowout accidents to drunk driving accidents and boat accidents. Some of these accidents can cause serious injuries to your head, neck, back and spine. Tragically, some of these accidents end in a wrongful death suit. When you’re injured, the last thing you need is to be fighting with an insurance company for fair payment while the bills stack up. Let us do the fighting for you while you concentrate on healing.

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