Why It’s Important to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer When Involved in an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle

Truck Accident LawyerWe have all seen it driving along the interstate or highway. When you come across an accident involving a large truck, usually a commercial vehicle, and a smaller passenger vehicle. You hope no one was injured in the crash, but often someone has suffered an injury; that leads to needing a truck accident lawyer.

These types of accidents are more common than one may think; meaning there’s a chance it could possibly happen to you, or maybe it already has. There’s nothing one can do to fully prepare for this type of unfortunate situation. There are the necessary basic precautions such as wearing a seatbelt at all times, keeping your focus on the road, and being fully aware of the other drivers around you. However sometimes there’s nothing one can do to prepare for another driver’s negligence. One thing that can help you during an event like this is hiring a truck accident lawyer. A skilled truck accident lawyer can make the entire post-accident process a lot smoother and less damaging. If you still think it’ll never happen to you, just take a look at the statistics provided below.

According to Louisiana Crash Data Reports, there was a total of 4,086 crashes involving commercial vehicles, such as large trucks and buses, scattered across the 64 parishes located in Louisiana in 2017. The Louisiana Crash Data Reports also states there were 234 total crashes involving large trucks and buses in Jefferson Parish alone. Of those 234 accidents, 4 of them involved fatalities and 131 of them involved injured parties. These are pretty significant number for just one parish.

Commercial vehicles do not discriminate against who they get into accidents with. The demographic of people who are involved in commercial vehicle accidents is wide and far-reaching. There were more than 4,000 commercial vehicle accidents in Louisiana in 2017 and 99 fatalities as a result of those accidents according to The Louisiana Crash Data Reports.

It’s important to involve a truck accident lawyer who specializes in these cases to ensure a fair amount of compensation and justice for you. If a commercial vehicle accident occurred to you or someone you know, contact the Charbonnet Law Firm today.