Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

commercial vehicle accident lawyerYou have seen the billboards lining the side of highways and the interstate; “Are you in need of a commercial vehicle accident lawyer?” Sure you have. There are dozens just from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. So what exactly is a commercial vehicle accident lawyer and how do you know when you need to hire one?

A commercial vehicle lawyer is an attorney who specializes in car accident cases that involve eighteen-wheelers otherwise known as “big rigs” or “tractor trailers”. These cases are tougher than most because other vehicles involved are usually smaller and more prone to damage passenger vehicles. This means the people inside the passenger vehicles are the ones who usually sustain the most injuries, and in severe cases, fatalities. It’s a horrible situation that no one should ever experience, but the truth is that they happen all the time.

Contacting a commercial vehicle accident lawyer after getting in one of these accidents is the best thing one can do. The sooner you contact a lawyer the better off you will be. A commercial vehicle lawyer will work diligently to get you the appropriate amount of money to compensate you and your family for any injuries, property loss, emotional distress, and/or loss of life sustained in the accident.

An accident involving a commercial vehicle can happen for several reasons.

The driver is experiencing fatigue or is inexperienced, negligent, or even intoxicated. It’s not always the commercial driver’s fault though. The driver of the passenger vehicle could be just as responsible for the crash as well for the same reasons. Sometimes it’s not even human error that causes the accident. Defective roadways, bad weather conditions, and problems with the vehicles themselves could be to blame as well. Common causes with the vehicle can include faulty equipment, poor maintenance, or just being overloaded.

All of these reasons stated above will require you to hire a commercial vehicle accident lawyer. At Charbonnet law firm, we work hard to ensure you get your fair compensation. Commercial companies that employ the trucks and their drivers carry policies that protect them against claims in cases such as these. Therefore the sooner you contact us, the better we can defend your claim and get you the correct amount of compensation you deserve.