When to Contact a Commercial Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney

commercial vehicle accident injury attorneyIf you were struck and injured by a city leased or public works vehicle, like a garbage truck, it can be an incredible challenge to navigate. It is likely that a layperson would have little luck even finding the correct number to file a complaint. A qualified commercial vehicle accident injury attorney has experience dealing with agencies responsible for every aspect of daily life both on and off the highway.

Commercial Crashes Occur Anywhere & Everywhere

Commercial vehicle accidents happen all the time, more than one would think. A major highway or interstate might come to mind as the prime location for a commercial vehicle accident. It may be easy to blame a speeding tractor trailer or a sleep deprived trucker for a large majority of annual commercial vehicle accidents – but do not forget all the commercial vehicles that pass within miles of your home and workplace. These vehicles include:

  • Garbage and recycling trucks and other large motor vehicles used for utilities and public/private works
  • Delivery trucks such as UPS, FedEx and other package delivery services
  • USPS mail trucks and other government vehicles
  • Buses, metro bus and other large motor vehicles providing public transportation
  • Construction Vehicles/Cement Mixers
  • Food Service Trucks
  • Promotional Vehicles

Distractions Add Up

Unlike truckers on the Interstate, local commercial vehicle drivers typically have other responsibilities while driving around town. For example, both public (USPS) and private (UPS, FED EX etc) delivery drivers have a lot to think about in addition to safely operating their commercial vehicle. In fact, UPS drivers are making approximately one hundred deliveries each day. Anyone that has ever received a package or taken out the trash knows a bit about the demands placed on these commercial vehicle drivers and can thus imagine all the potential risks.

When Do You get in Touch with a Commercial Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney

If you have any questions about the hazardous operation of a commercial vehicle in your town, please call a commercial vehicle accident injury attorney immediately. They have expert knowledge in an industry that often includes city and local government and can get you’re the information you need to move forward expediently.