Bus Accident Injuries

bus accident injuriesOne crash is too many, especially when they result in bus accident injuries. Bus companies operate under the notion that bus traveling is the safer and more economical way to travel. However this is not always true with the rise of low-cost curbside busing companies. Companies save money by not operating out of a major bus station. But does that make them less subject to routine safety inspections?

A responsible busing company will invest in safety measures to protect its passengers, drivers and other passengers on the road from bus accident injuries. A tell-tale sign is a little black box that records the driver. Therefore, if there is ever a question or dispute, the bus company can easily recall the events of the incident. Quality, responsible bus companies install industrial GPS systems so they always know where all their buses are.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) made it very simple to research bus and transport companies. If you do this you will notice that many Louisiana-based charter bus companies do not have an up-to-date safety inspection within the last 2 years. This means they are subject to a roadside check, but this is the local authorities’ responsibility.

Motor coach companies with smaller fleets also have fewer drivers, and are often family businesses. It’s hard to guarantee that every operator meets all the FMCSA’s criteria for safe operation, driving record and physical well-being. This means putting passengers on the bus, other motorists and passengers on the road, and even pedestrians at risk for bus accident injuries.

On a bus, fatalities are relatively low, but minor and work debilitating injuries are more common.  Why?  Because of a bus’s shape and size, and no one wears seat belts. Broken bones, twists and sprains, tendons and ligament injuries and injuries related to the impact… These can seem minor on a large scale, but can keep people out of work for weeks or longer.

Pedestrians and other vehicles run a higher injury risk when a bus trip goes awry. One doesn’t expect a bus to go off the road, or make a sudden lane change that results in an accident. This makes it hard for others involved to be prepared. The forces behind an out of control bus is a result of the bus speed, weight, and its passenger amount. These forces also become dangerous when a bus has faulty brakes. At certain times of the year, you will notice more private charter buses on the road that you may want to avoid. You can look them up by name to check their safety records, make a complaint, or request a review of their safety and operating practices.

Know that if you or anyone in your family sustains any bus accident injuries, you should call a lawyer immediately.  No matter how minor the injury, as a bystander, or as a result of a bus accident or issue, you are entitled to your rightful compensation.