Nursing Home Negligence Signs to Look For

Posted on April 16, 2018

More and more cases of nursing home negligence are being brought to light. These tragic incidents should never happen as workers are responsible to keep their elder patients comfortable and safe. It is important to be aware of the signs of nursing home negligence and always remember to report if anything has been found as it can cause harm and psychological issues.

Bedsores & Injuries

Photo by pexels

If you nursing home workers do their jobs right there should never be any unexplained injuries. It is possible for an elder patient to stumble out of bed and get a little scratch, but all injuries should be accounted for and explained. Bedsores are usually a clear indication of negligence. The bedding is required to be changed often and should be thoroughly patted. Also, patient should be checked on regularly so they are not laying in the same position for too long. Bedsores are easily preventable and are a sign that there is likely some mistreatment going on.

Malnutrition & Depression

A decline in appetite is not uncommon as we grow older, but the nursing home staff is responsible for getting the resident the proper nutrients to remain healthy, along with making sure they’re always hydrated. Pay attention to your loved one’s appearance and listen to their needs like if they are always complaining of being hungry or thirsty. Also, if your loved one is depressed or often in fear, this could be another reason to dig deeper.

Poor Living Conditions & Hygiene

The staff at nursing homes are to aide in helping patients with keeping their living area clean and safe. Patients have the right to live in a sanitary and comfortable environment even if they are unable to accomplish this themselves. They also should have help with their personal hygiene like getting dressed, clipping their nails, cleaning their teeth and overall bathing. Be alert and pay attention to all of the little details like the condition of your loved one’s living area and their overall well-being.