Why Am I Being Offered a Low Settlement for My Injuries?

Posted on March 30, 2018

If you have been involved in an accident where you were physically injured and suffered lasting damages, you may have gone to court and been offered a settlement because of your personal injury insurance claim. Although it is commonplace to hear stories of people in the news receiving huge settlements, it is not rare for people to receive much less than the damages inflicted actually were. Why is this?

photo by Robert Owen-Wahl

An Insurance Company is a Business

Remember that an insurance company is a business and they need to make a profit in order to survive. While it is easy for people to begin believing their insurance company always acts in their best interest, it is important to realize that insurance companies use different strategies to provide the smallest settlement possible. An experienced attorney can help you decide on a reasonable amount as well as argue your case.

Your Injuries May Not Be Severe Enough

If your injuries were not extremely serious, you may be getting a smaller settlement than you originally anticipated. This is because small cases sometimes never even go to trial because there are too many expenses involved. Since attorneys do not usually profit off cases like these, it may be almost impossible to win a large settlement for yourself. This may be called “the small case dilemma.”

Not Understanding the Extent of Your Injuries

After being involved in an accident, it is more than possible for symptoms to start occurring that were not present initially. If you filed your personal injury insurance claim without knowing the full extent of your injuries, it is likely the judge did not see the case in its entirety and awarded less than what should have been given to the victim. It is always important to wait until you understand the entire situation before going to trial so the judgement is a fair process.