How Posting on Social Media Can Hurt Your Injury Case

Posted on February 9, 2018

After being injured in an accident, it is common to want to talk about it, especially on social media. And with social media being more popular than ever, it is likely that more people will be seeing your posts. This is why you have to be careful about what you say concerning your injury or accident on social media because it could cause trouble for your personal injury case.  

Posting on Social Media During an Active Case Could Be Used Against You

photo by Tracy Le Blanc

Your party’s insurer will try everything to discredit you so they can keep what they owe you to the bare minimum. Even if you want to vent or ask for advice, try to prevent posting anything about your injury or the accident because what you say could be misinterpreted and used against you in your case.

Physical Injuries

You might want to post photos after the accident or even of your injuries. If you are claiming to be injured and in pain from your accident, the photos you post could be used as evidence. If you post photos of you out partying and having fun just a couple of weeks after the accident, then they could be used to discredit your injuries.

Emotional Suffering

Just like with physical injuries, if you are posting lighthearted and fun posts, then it can be used as evidence to prove that you are not suffering from PTSD from the accident like you may claim. Try to avoid posting rants or any thoughts on the accident, even if it is to help you vent or distract yourself, because it could come off as you being bitter and even unstable.

The best way to avoid social media from impacting your injury case is to refrain from posting any information about the accident or your injury during an open case. It is also a good idea to adjust your privacy settings if you don’t plan on staying off social media during the time of the case.