Tips to Reduce the Risk of a DUI

Posted on January 30, 2018

Not only can drinking and driving result in a tragic accident, it can also result in a DUI. A DUI can prevent you from pursuing certain career paths and may result in large fines or even jail time. To avoid facing DUI penalties, there are things you should do to keep yourself out of trouble with the law.

Plan the Night in Advance

Before you even leave your residence or have your first drink, a clear plan of how you will get home is strongly advisable. Find a designated driver or use public transportation if you plan on drinking while you are out. This will help ensure that you never find yourself in a situation where you feel forced to drive after drinking.

Another easy way to avoid a DUI is to not bring your car to situations where drinking may be involved. This will help avoid the temptation of simply driving home when you are ready to leave. Even if you feel that you are perfectly capable of driving, you can still be arrested with DUI charges if you have had something to drink.

photo by Rondell Melling

Understand Your State’s Drinking and Driving Laws

If you are traveling or visiting relatives, you may not be familiar with the DUI laws in the area. For example, in Arizona there are zero-tolerance laws. This means that even if you are under a blood alcohol level of .08, there is still a chance you may be arrested for a DUI based on the police officer’s discretion. In other states like Louisiana, if your BAC is under .08, you may not have to worry about getting a DUI.

Avoid Alcohol Completely

Although it may seem obvious, it’s a great reminder. Avoiding alcohol altogether is the best way to avoid a DUI. It is never a good idea to risk getting in trouble with the law just because you wanted to have a few drinks. Pour yourself a soda, nobody will even know the difference.