Custody Details You Need In Your Divorce

Posted on October 30, 2017

When nailing down the final details in your divorce, the most important thing to do is to dig deeper. This is especially true when children are involved. When you have kids, getting divorced doesn’t mean the end of your parenting relationship. So in order to make co-parenting with your ex-spouse easier, there are a few questions your divorce should cover in depth. Has your divorce agreement covered EVERYTHING? Have you not only looked at the near future but the very distant future as well? This article covers some of the most important decisions you should make during your divorce.

Where is your child’s home base?

photo by badski007

Of course, your divorce agreement should establish who has physical custody of your child. Physical custody means who the child will live with. Will you have joint physical custody and share the time during the week in which your child stays with each parent? Or will one parent have sole custody while the other has visitation?

After this is determined, think deeper. If it’s shared custody, what will your schedule be? How will your child get to school and other activities? When and how will drop offs and pick ups occur? Not only do you need to think about the daily routines, but also determine who will get the child on what holidays, birthdays and vacations.

This also goes for families with one custodial parent. When will the other parent’s visitation be? Weekends and school holidays? After school? Will they be able to pick the child up from school and travel out of state with them? All of these things need to be thoroughly thought out before the divorce is finalized.

Who will make the big decisions?

The term that encompasses who will be in charge of making the decisions in the child’s life is legal custody. The parent that has legal custody can make decisions about religious upbringing, which school they attend, medical care, etc. Both parents can have joint legal custody, even if only one parent has physical custody. The daily decisions will go to the parent with physical custody, but the big decisions will require input from both parents.

How will the major expenses be paid?

When thinking about expenses for your child, think all the way into your child’s future. Don’t just make agreements on your child’s current extracurricular activities costs now, think about things like cars, car insurance, gas, college, possible trips and field trips, etc. Will you split everything down the middle? Will one parent pay the car insurance and the other pay the car payment?  Who can claim the child as a dependant on their taxes? All of these things should be settled before you finalize your divorce.