How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Posted on June 10, 2017

With hurricane season here in Louisiana, it’s time to start preparing your home for the possible storms to come. Experts at LSU AgCenter have complied a list that will help you get your house prepared for heavy wind and rain this summer. Here are their tips on how to protect your home during this year’s hurricane season.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

photo by Sethink

The first thing homeowners need to do is start with the roof. Strengthen your existing shingles with roofing cement. Put some cement under the first course of shingles and along the gable ends. This is where your roof is most vulnerable to storm damage.

Another step you can take to prepare your roof is to secure your soffits with polyurethane sealant and stainless steel screws. With your soffits secured, they are less likely to be blown around.

Next, homeowners should make sure their windows are secured. Put something over your windows to protect them from high winds, flying debris and objects. Use shutters, such as lightweight translucent removable storm panels, as a good alternative to heavy plywood boards.

Be aware of what is near your home. Are there trees that could fall and cause damage to your home?  If there are trees nearby that are decaying or dead, they should be removed. Secure any loose objects in your yard as well, including any chemicals you may have in your garage or shed.

Prepare your animals as well. Make sure they’re healthy and microchip them just in case they get lost in a storm.

Prepare Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Talk to your insurance agent to clarify your home and hurricane insurance policy. Investing in flood insurance is also a good idea. If a storm is coming, take photos of your belongings to take inventory in case there is any damage. Also make sure to keep copies of important documentation in a safe, waterproof area.