How to Prevent a Construction Zone Accident

Posted on January 6, 2017

Construction zones are one of the most dangerous places to work. There’s heavy machinery, moving vehicles and loud noises at all times. Many different accidents can happen on these sites. Knowing how to work safely on a construction site can help you prevent an accident. This article details what you should do while operating a vehicle ever day to stay safe on a construction site.

Construction Zone Safety

The following are ways to avoid accidents while operating a vehicle on a construction site:

  • Avoid backing up. parking your vehicle or equipment in an area that gives you room to pull away going forward instead of backwards can prevent the chances of you hitting someone or something when backing up.
  • Use a spotter. Have someone direct you to help you back up if you have to. This person should stand on the driver’s side to stay visible.
  • Get out and look around to make sure no one could be in your way while you back up.
  • Position mirrors on your vehicle for clear sight-lines.
  • Make sure your backup alarm is working. If not, use a spotter.
  • Keep driver’s window down to hear and be heard, and the passenger window when you’re backing or driving into an area with workers on foot.
  • Turn off the radio or other distracting devices.
  • Minimize the number of work activities being done during the backing operation. 
  • Install signs that alert workers about the location of moving vehicles.
  • Do not allow riders in vehicle when backing.
  • Check for changing conditions in the area if the vehicle is stationary for more than a few seconds.
  • Sound the vehicle horn to signal a backing maneuver to your crew.
  • Back slowly—at a walking speed.
  • Do not back more than 50 to 100 feet before stopping and re-checking the area for a clear zone.
  • Be more stringent with your backing guidelines when working at night.