What are the most dangerous situations for motorcycles?

Posted on May 5, 2016

There are many potentially dangerous situations when riding a motorcycle, but experts say one of the most dangerous arises when vehicles make left turns. This can happen when a driver pulls out of a driveway, but it most often happens when drivers are turning into driveways or off of a main road and onto a side road.

The problem is that the driver may not see a motorcycle in the opposite lane, coming toward his or her car. The driver will wait for other cars and trucks to go by and then turn left, through that oncoming lane — and into the motorcycle’s path.

This can all happen in a split second, far too fast for the biker to avoid the collision. He or she will just drive straight into the side of the turning vehicle.

This creates some danger for those in the vehicles, but not nearly as much, especially when driving alone. In this situation, the driver will be on the far side, while the bike hits the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Also, since the car or truck is moving forward, the bike may impact the vehicle in the rear panels.

For the biker, though, the danger is enormous. Striking a vehicle at full speed can destroy the bike and flip the rider up over the vehicle and into the air. These accidents are often fatal, even for those wearing helmets and proper gear, and those that aren’t fatal can lead to very serious, potentially life-altering injuries.

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Source: Times Union, “It’s ‘left-turn’ accident season for motorcyclists,” Matthew Hamilton, accessed May 05, 2016