Commercial vehicles and size and weight violations

Posted on January 6, 2016

It is of incredible importance for commercial vehicle drivers and commercial vehicle companies to obey regulations on the size and weight of commercial vehicles. When a commercial truck or other commercial vehicle is too heavy or too big, it could significantly compromise the driver’s ability to control it. This, in turn, can create a big risk for serious accidents.

Unfortunately, the results of a commercial vehicle safety operation last year indicate that size and weight regulation violations are a fairly prevalent type of commercial motor vehicle violation. The operation was called Operation Safe Driver Week and it was done in the U.S. and Canada. It occurred between Oct. 18 and Oct. 24. During the campaign, nearly 19,500 roadside vehicle inspections were performed and over 21,000 drivers of commercial or passenger vehicles were pulled over.

Over 4,000 citations and nearly 4,000 warnings were issued to commercial vehicle drivers over the course of the operation. Violations of size and weight regulations were the top violation when it came to commercial motor vehicle driver citations and came second only to speeding when it came to commercial vehicle driver warnings. Such drivers were given 1,243 citations and 497 warnings in relation to size and weight violations over the course of the operation. This makes up 30.6 percent of all the commercial driver citations given and 12.7 percent of all the commercial vehicle driver warnings given.

One hopes that, in the future, drivers of commercial vehicles and companies operating commercial vehicles will take greater steps to avoid committing size and weight violations.

When a commercial vehicle accident occurs, it can be very important to know whether the driver of the commercial vehicle was committing size and weight violations or any other regulation violation at the time of the accident. Whether or not regulation violations were present are among the things that can have compensation-related impacts when it comes to commercial vehicle accidents. Commercial vehicle accident lawyers can conduct investigations into whether any regulation violations occurred for victims of commercial vehicle crashes.

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