Police in Louisiana city giving out gift cards for safe driving

Posted on December 8, 2015

An auto collision can leave a person very shaken up, physically and emotionally. The support and guidance of an experienced car accident lawyer can be an important thing to have following such a crash. Such attorneys can give car accident victims clear explanations of what it is important to do following an accident. Such lawyers can also look into evidence of what caused the crash.

Many car crashes come about because someone engaged in unsafe driving. There are many traffic laws here in Louisiana aimed at getting drivers to be safe on the roads. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes disobey these rules.

There are a range of different tactics authorities in Louisiana use in trying to get drivers to follow all the state’s traffic laws. One of the best-known ones is pulling drivers over and issuing them penalties for failing to comply with such laws.

In addition to penalizing unsafe drivers, authorities sometimes take measures that reward safe drivers. Currently, police in a city here in Louisiana are engaging in an interesting such measure.

The city is Youngsville. This week, the city’s police are randomly stopping and giving out rewards, like fast food restaurant gift cards, to drivers that they witness engaging in safe driving. Reportedly, the police department is doing this to thank the community for supporting it.

The availability of rewards can sometimes change a person’s conduct. Do you think more Louisiana cities should engage in measures rewarding safe drivers? Do you think offering rewards for safe driving would significantly impact driver behavior?

Source: KLFY, “Youngsville Police pull over safe drivers, issue gift cards,” Carly Laing, Dec. 7, 2015