Might the changing motorcyclist demographics have safety impacts?

Posted on December 21, 2015

One of the recent trends in the motorcycling world here in the U.S. is an increase in female riders. According to the results of a recent survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council, women now make up 14 percent of motorcycle owners in the country.

It appears that this trend could continue for awhile. Another of the survey’s findings was that women made up a bigger chunk of the motorcycle owner total for younger generations than for older generations.

When any significant trend occurs within the world of motorcycling, including demographic changes, an important thing to consider is whether the trend could have safety implications. One of the other results of the above-mentioned survey indicates that there being more female motorcycle riders could perhaps touch on safety. The survey found that taking motorcycle safety classes was more common among female motorcycle owners than male motorcycle owners, with 60 percent of female motorcyclists and 42 percent of male motorcyclists taking such classes. A question this raises is: might the increase in female riders lead to an overall increase in safety-consciousness and focus on safety in the motorcycling community as a whole?

Of course, how safety-conscious the motorcycling community is is not the sole determinant of how safe it is to ride a motorcycle here in America. Rather, the conduct of all drivers has impacts on this. An unsafe move by any of the drivers around them could have vast implications for a motorcyclist, as it could open the door for an injury-causing crash. Thus, how to help keep things safe for motorcyclists is something it is important for all U.S. motorists to focus on.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “More women riding motorcycles, study says,” Charles Fleming, Dec. 18, 2015