Truck company operating costs on the rise

Posted on October 6, 2015

Many things can impact truck company behavior. Given that truck companies are generally profit-driven businesses, one of these things are operating costs. A report from the American Transportation Research Institute indicates that, recently, operating costs for truck companies have trended up here in the U.S.

The report estimated what the average marginal cost-per-mile was for truck operators in 2014. It estimated this average was $1.703 per mile. It based this estimate off of the results of a survey of truck companies. This estimate represents an increase over the estimated average truck company operating cost from 2013, which was $1.676 per mile.

According to the report, two of the things that drove this overall cost rise were increases in equipment costs and increases in employment costs.

One wonders how truck companies here in the U.S. have responded to these cost increases. There are a variety of different actions such companies sometimes take in response to general cost increases. One is to institute cost-cutting measures to try to counteract the increases.

One thing that one would hope truck companies would never allow their cost-cutting measures to touch on is the safety of their truck operations, as this could increase the chances of truck collisions occurring. Unfortunately, truck companies may sometimes be tempted to take some safety shortcuts or skip important safety steps or measures in order to try to bring down their bottom line.

Truck crash lawyers can help victims of truck accidents look into whether the truck company involved in their crash committed any safety failings, such as cost-driven safety corner-cutting, that contributed to the accident. How a trucking company acted safety-wise can impact what legal actions are possibilities for a truck accident victim.

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