Motorcycle travel on university/college campuses

Posted on March 17, 2015

There are certain areas in which motorcycle traffic can be more common than usual. A recent trend at one university in the state raises the question of whether the areas around universities and colleges are becoming such places here in Louisiana.

The university in question is Louisiana State University. In recent times, traveling by motorcycle has become increasingly popular among the school’s students.

One wonders what is behind this increased popularity. Perhaps it is a hope of reducing travel hassles and saving time. One thing that may be helping make motorcycle travel an attractive option to students at LSU is that nearly all of the major areas and class buildings on the university’s campus have a motorcycle parking lot nearby.

Do you think this trend of increased popularity of student motorcycle travel is just an isolated phenomenon particular to LSU or do you think it is something that many universities and colleges here in Louisiana are experiencing or will experience? How good of a job do you think Louisiana colleges/universities do at providing a safe environment for motorcycle travel? Do you think drivers at Louisiana college/universities take sufficient steps to protect the safety of motorcyclists?

One hopes that all individuals who drive on or near the campuses of the state’s colleges and universities make sure to pay proper attention behind the wheel, including keeping an eye out for motorcyclists. Motorcyclists can get severely hurt when motorists act carelessly.

Personal injury claims may be able to be made by motorcyclists who have been hurt as a result of a driver’s carelessness.

Source: The Daily Reveille, “Motorcycle trend takes over campus,” William Taylor Potter, Feb. 23, 2015