What can motorists do to prevent motorcycle accidents?

Posted on February 20, 2015

The safety of motorcyclists out on Louisiana’s roads is in part dependent on how the drivers of other motor vehicles act. Thus, one hopes that all of the state’s drivers do their part to help make the state’s roads as safe as possible for motorcyclists. We will now go over some of the steps it can be very important for motorists to take when it comes to motorcycle accident prevention.

One is to be very watchful for motorcyclists, particularly at times when motorcycle traffic can be heavier than usual, like weekends. When engaging in such watchfulness, it is important for drivers to keep in mind that motorcycles can sometimes be a little harder to spot than other vehicles.

Another step is to be very careful when changing lanes. This includes closely checking one’s mirrors and making sure that the lane change won’t impede a motorcyclist’s path.

Drivers should also make sure to give enough space to motorcycles. This can include giving extra space to motorcycles when there are terrain features present that can give motorcycles trouble (like railroad crossings, pavement transitions or potholes).

Yet another step is to be respectful of a motorcyclist’s right to a lane. One thing in particular it is very important for motorists to not do is to crowd alongside a motorcycle in a lane.

How good of a job do you think Louisiana drivers as a whole do at keeping things safe for motorcyclists? What do you think are the biggest safety risks motorcyclists here in Louisiana face?

When a motorcyclist ends up in a traffic collision, attorneys can help them investigate whether the other motorists involved engaged in proper safety steps.

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