Low-speed motorcycle accidents can cause great harm

Posted on January 23, 2015

Most people know that high-speed motor vehicle accidents can have incredibly devastating outcomes. However, when it comes to low-speed accidents, a person’s first reaction might be to dismiss them as minor things that don’t really result in that much harm. However, just because an accident occurred at a low speed does not mean it can’t result in individuals suffering significant injuries.

Low-speed accidents can be particularly impactful on motorcyclists. For example, such accidents can cause a motorcyclist to suffer major soft tissue damage in their shoulders, ankles or knees.

Many challenges can arise for a motorcyclist following being hurt in a low-speed motorcycle accident. One are challenges in figuring out how and where to get the medical care they need.

Another are difficulties in getting the compensation they may be entitled to. Roadblocks to getting compensation can include difficulties in determining what a low-speed motorcycle accident’s cause was, difficulties in finding and collecting evidence related to the accident and insurance companies dragging their feet on making payouts.

Our firm understands how troubling and disorienting of a time the period after an injury-causing low-speed motorcycle accident can be for a motorcyclist and how helpful having a strong advocate in their corner can be for motorcyclists in such situations. We can assist victims of such accidents with both issues regarding getting proper care and legal issues related to their accident.

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