Motorcycle versus deer accident in Louisiana results in fatality

Posted on December 4, 2014

Recently, here in Louisiana, a traffic accident involving a deer killed a motorcyclist and left the motorcyclist’s passenger severely hurt.

The accident happened last Saturday night. A man from Leesville was operating a motorcycle on Louisiana 28 West, with his wife as a passenger. Then, a deer came from the road’s median and crossed into the lane the motorcycle was in. The motorcycle then hit the deer. This collision caused both the Leesville man and his wife to be thrown from the motorcycle.

After being brought to a hospital, the Leesvile man was pronounced dead. His wife suffered serious injuries, and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

There are several things that this tragic motorcycle collision illustrates.

One is the dangers that deer can pose on the roads. Thus, one hopes that all drivers who are in areas where there are deer make sure to watch closely for whether there are any deer on or near the road when they are driving.

Another is the catastrophic results motorcycle accidents can have. Sadly, the results of this accident are not at all rare ones when it comes to motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents claim many lives and cause many people to suffer serious injuries that have the potential to change their life forever. Thus, taking steps to prevent motorcycle accidents is an incredibly important thing for both motorcyclists and the drivers of other motor vehicles to do.

This accident also underscores that there are many different circumstances under which motorcycle accidents can occur. When a motorcycle accident occurs, personal injury attorneys can assist victims in figuring out what the circumstances of the accident were. What a motorcycle collision’s circumstances were can have significant implications, as they can impact things such as what parties have liability for the accident.

Source: American Press, “Leesville man killed when motorcycle hits deer,” Dec. 1, 2014