Commercial vehicle safety campaign begins today

Posted on June 3, 2014

Louisiana is one of many states and three countries that kicked off a campaign today to promote commercial vehicle safety. The three-day safety blitz, known as Roadcheck 2014, is the most extensive crackdown on commercial vehicles in the world.

On average, 14 trucks or buses are inspected each minute during the 72-hour period from Canada to Mexico. Most of the inspections will be very thorough and involve an examination of the commercial vehicle as well as the driver, according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), which sponsors the event.

The extensive inspections involve a 37-step procedure in which everything from the driver’s medical card and hours-of-service documentation to the vehicle’s breaking system and tires are checked. This year, inspectors will also focus heavily on hazardous materials or dangerous goods being carried as cargo, which require special regulatory compliance.

In addition to inspections, the initiative also involves educating the industry and the general public on the importance of commercial vehicle safety and the roadside inspection program.

Since its inception in 1988, the Roadcheck program has reportedly resulted in 301 lives being saved and 5,530 injuries being prevented.

State and federal governments regulate commercial vehicles heavily because they can pose a major threat on our roads and highways. Accidents involving large trucks and other commercial vehicles are often fatal, and all too often are the result of negligence of behalf of drivers or their employers.

As many commercial vehicles haul hazardous and dangerous materials, accidents can also pose a threat to the community at large.

Companies that utilize state and federal roadways must put safety first in order to keep the public out of harm’s way. When safety is neglected, serious accidents can and do result.

Source: Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, “International Roadcheck,” June 3, 2014