Robert P. Charbonnet Jr

Robert P. Charbonnet Jr

Managing Partner


Rob Charbonnet is the managing partner of Charbonnet Law Firm. He has been practicing law in the New Orleans metropolitan area since 1992, representing a wide variety of clients in many different legal situations. He focuses primarily on personal injury litigation.

As a lifelong resident of New Orleans, Mr. Charbonnet has developed close working relationships with numerous local physicians and health care providers. His background in science and medical training courses both in college as well as in his continuing education throughout the years have served him well in dealing intelligently with the medical community. Such relationships and technical knowledge are essential both in ensuring that proper referrals are made to qualified physicians and in obtaining the proper medical care.

Mr. Charbonnet works personally with all of his clients to meet their medical needs as well as their legal needs. He follows his clients’ medical treatment closely and works with the treating physicians to prepare a remarkable presentation of the client’s medical case at trial.

At this point in his career, Mr. Charbonnet has handled thousands of personal injury claims to conclusion. Although settlement of claims occur most of the time, it is sometimes necessary to take a client’s case to trial. When this becomes necessary, Mr. Charbonnet and his team of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants thoroughly prepare the case for trial and present it before the appropriate judge or jury.

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