Brain Injuries Are Highly Unpredictable in Terms of Their Consequences

After suffering in an accident, victims may experience many different physical, emotional and cognitive consequences from possible brain injuries.

When Louisiana victims suffer from a traumatic brain injury, the effects they experience will be very different from another person who sustains a similar injury. This is because, according to the Brain Injury Association of America, no two brain injuries are identical. Additionally, after suffering from one of these injuries due to the negligence or recklessness of another person, the consequences victims experience often depend on the cause, location and severity of the trauma.

The four categories of effects from brain injuries

According to WebMD, the symptoms of a head injury fall into four primary categories. These include the following:

  • Physical – those living with a brain injury may experience persistent headaches and extreme mental or physical fatigue. They may also become paralyzed, experience tremors or have a difficult time sleeping normally.
  • Behavioral or emotional – after a brain injury occurs, victims may become irregularly irritable and impatient. Additionally, they may become abnormally aggressive, deny their disability and become unable to handle stress appropriately.
  • Cognitive – TBI victims may have a hard time processing information, expressing their thoughts and understanding what others are saying. They may also experience memory loss, an impaired ability to make decisions and a shortened attention span.
  • Perceptual – some of the perceptual symptoms of a brain injury include disorders of smell and taste, balance problems, a heightened sensitivity to pain and spatial disorientation.

Initially after the accident occurs, WebMD states that in order to prevent further injury, medical professionals will stabilize the victim. Once the victim is stabilized, he or she may benefit from long-term recovery solutions like occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy and psychological support.

Tips for the recovery process

Although the physical, behavioral, cognitive and perceptual effects of a TBI often need specialized medical care, there are several strategies victims can use on their own to enhance their ability to recover. According to the BIAA, TBI victims should make sure that they get plenty of rest after the accident occurs and avoid going back to work or school before they are ready.

Additionally, brain injury victims should avoid engaging in any activity that could result in additional trauma to their head and write things down that are difficult to remember. They should also wait to drive a car or ride a bike until their doctor says it is alright and only take medications approved by their doctor.

Seeking compensation

Although the physical and emotional effects of a brain injury can often not be undone, Louisiana TBI victims may be able to obtain compensation to cover the cost of their medical and rehabilitative treatment. If you incurred a brain injury in an accident, speak with an attorney to determine what compensation may be available to you.