An Accident Injury Attorney, Car Accidents & Pregnant Mothers

accident injury attorneyMotor vehicle accidents are always terrifying. While many people walk away from accidents uninjured, expecting mothers have an entirely new set of risks to consider, even when they appear fine. In this unique situation, it is important to consult with your doctor and an accident injury attorney during the pregnancy. This is true even if everyone appears injury free.  It is critical that the expectant mother go immediately to her obstetrician after the accident.  This way her physician can administer the new baseline testing to measure any effects of trauma on the unborn child.

The risks of increased complications following an automobile accident can be substantial and are reason for more detailed observation by a doctor. A trained professional can provide an expectant mother with specialized treatment for her condition. A good doctor will generally also recommend the expecting mother contact an accident injury attorney, as even if things appear fine.  Conditions can change at any moment and it’s important to consult with a lawyer through the entire process.

Minor Crashes Still Pose Risks

All motor vehicle accidents, regardless of how minor, still present risk to the child. The stakes are high as serious effects include:

  • Pre-term labor or miscarriage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Birth defects
  • Creating a high-risk pregnancy, when it was not considered high-risk before the accident

Less obvious risks for a pregnant woman include stress and emotional trauma from the accident. The emotional state of an expecting mother is very important to the development of her unborn baby. Stress and emotional trauma can complicate a pregnancy; those complications can continue after the birth and into the life of the child. In the most serious cases, when an accident results in the loss of an unborn child, emotional trauma may prevent the mother from returning to her daily activities, job, etc. This type of emotional duress requires an expert accident injury attorney.

Fact: Car Accidents Contribute to High-Risk Pregnancies

If you have been in an accident, even a minor fender bender, it is imperative that your doctor closely monitors you during your pregnancy to detect any problems that may arise. It’s possible that a fetus can suffer severe injury, despite no physical contact. A quick stopping motion can expose a mother and her fetus to a type of injury known as a contra-coup injury. This occurs when a part of the body that is opposite to womb is struck, and causes rupture or disorganization of the parts affected.

When a pregnant woman gets into an automobile accident, it complicates every aspect of the process. As soon as the mother is out of immediate danger, it is imperative that she contacts an expert accident injury attorney.