18 Wheeler Accident Injury

Did you know that 74% of 18 wheeler accident injuries and 73% of 18 wheeler accident fatalities occur to the occupants of other vehicles?

Only 13% occur to the operators of large commercial vehicles. This is a challenging fact to accept. Nearly all 18 wheeler accident injuries and fatalities occur because of truck malfunction or driver error. Multiple vehicle accidents often involve large trucks more than any other. A fault related to the brakes of the 18 Wheeler is one of the most common causes. These large, load bearing vehicles need to have their brakes calibrated frequently and in relation to the specific load they are carrying. The driver charged with overseeing the loading of the vehicle is responsible for making sure the load is properly distributed. This ensures that the brakes can function properly.

Despite these cautions, when an 18 wheeler is traveling at 70 miles per hour on an interstate, and must slow down suddenly, the force of the load they are hauling and the ever-important weight distribution factor can influence the number of vehicles involved in a crash. An accident involving an 18 wheeler almost always guarantees an injury or fatality.

Hence it is of utmost importance that drivers of large commercial vehicle not tailgate other vehicles on the road. This can mean the difference between life and death. Braking related crashes are the most common and can easily cause a domino effect on the road. These types of crashes are what brings the accident injury percentage to the high levels we see today.

Hauling companies have acted accordingly because of the risks.

The companies require their drivers to carry large liability policies, which offer compensation to other motorists for their injuries. The compensation helps restore them back to the state they were in before their encounter with an 18 wheeler accident. The policies included all costs related to medical coverage and rehabilitation. It also includes any other damage to property because of the accident, vehicles or otherwise. In addition, these policies allocate often sizable sums of money to compensate for loss of work because of the crash, any emotional damages, PTSD, pain and suffering and pain and suffering to passengers, including young children – who risk developing a fear of the highway or other related and unforeseeable actions that may result from the impact of being involved in a multi-vehicle crash.

Thankfully, the percentage of large truck drivers involved in fatal crashes who exceeded the .08 Blood Alcohol Level sits at a very low 2% compared to much higher percentages (around 22%) of Blood Alcohol levels in operators of Motorcycles, Passenger Cars and Light Trucks that were involved in fatal crashes.

Drinking and driving is rarely ever a factor for catastrophic events when commercial vehicles are one of the main causes. Most commercial drivers are aware of the responsibility they have for motorists so refraining from drinking and driving is essential. It’s important to explore the less obvious reasons for a crash since alcohol is less likely to be a factor. Many large vehicles have black boxes, like those on FAA aircrafts that can pinpoint the malfunction that caused the crash. The proper interpretation of this information can make a substantial impact on any settlement regarding an 18 wheeler accident injury.