18-Wheeler Accident Injury Attorney

18-Wheeler Accidents Happen Often

18-wheeler accident injury attorneyEvery 16 minutes, someone is killed or injured in a collision involving a truck, tractor-trailer, or an 18-wheeler. The State of Louisiana sees a lot of tractor-trailer traffic because it is a major port city in the U.S. and often “the end of the line” for long-haul truckers. This related risk necessitates that a highly specialized 18-wheeler accident injury attorney also practice law in Louisiana.

The Hard Facts

In the US right now, there are 3.5 million truck drivers operating 1.9 million tractor-trailers. These elevated numbers contribute to over 500,000 annual trucking accidents each year with nearly 5,000 of them resulting in fatalities.

  • 66% of these accidents happen during the daytime
  • 78% happen on weekdays
  • 27% of all tractor-trailer drivers in accidents resulting in injury have at least one commercial vehicle speeding violation on record

Frequently, Other Motorists Become Victims

The devastating news is that each year approximately 4,000 motorists in other vehicles on the road are victims are involved in the crashes mentioned above. While speed is major factor in a large percentage of deadly accidents, Driver Fatigue is the single most frequent cause of injuries in accidents involving of 18-wheeler tractor-trailers.

The Shocking Truth

Possibly the most revealing piece of data this year is that according to the Federal Motor Carrier Association, a whopping 64% of commercial vehicle drivers have admitted to falsifying their permitted driving hours. That is to say, the Association’s safety requirements mandate that truckers log their hours, ensuring that they are operating with minimal fatigue. Then, in an anonymous poll those very drivers admitted lying about these hours in an effort to reach their destination in a shorter amount of time. Trucking companies even inadvertently incentivize this malicious behavior by offering bonuses for expeditious arrivals.

Establishing Your Defense

Facts like this can be very helpful if you know someone involved in tractor-trailer accident. A great 18-wheeler accident injury attorney has unparalleled access and understanding of how to make these regulations work for their clients.

Trucking companies are well aware that they are in a risky business. In fact, they often have “Go Teams” at the scene of an accident with in moments to assess the situation and do damage control for their company. An expert 18-wheeler accident injury attorney can make the facts work for you, and it’s important that you know exactly who to call in a time of crisis, because every moment counts.